Saturday, 25 May 2013

I want, I want, I want…

a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really do.  Yo, it’s hard having to go to work every day with dogs and then not go home to one of your own.

Yes, little Nilly is still floating around but she’s not MINE.  Not mine to snuggle above all others, not mine to be the boss of.  I just really love that bond between owner and animal.  It’s so beautiful (and I use ‘owner’ in the loosest sense of the word of course) and I miss having it.

And I know there are so many little ones out there who are dying to find a home.  And quite literally dying because nobody will take them.

But in all seriousness, I can’t have a dog.

I work too long hours.  The house I live in is not my own.  I have a semi lucrative side business looking after other people’s dogs.

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting one.  Especially when cutie pies like this turn up at work…


Look at this sassy little muffin!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Daybook ii

onesie love
Outside my window it’s nice and dark.  It’s not too chilly so I have my window open.  I can hear some crickets outside and from where I sit, I can see the full moon peeping through the palm fronds. 
I have been listening to honestly not a lot.  I’m not really a music person.  I have about three songs that I listen to on repeat.  One of them is ‘Take Me or Leave Me’ from Rent.  I just adore Idina Menzel’s voice.  I think she is phenomenal AND I GET TO SEE HER IN CONCERT NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!
I have been wearing my onesie.  Oh yeah, my roomies and I all brought onesies.  See picture.

I am thankful for the nice people that I housesit for.  I had a mix up with one of my clients and she was lovely and understanding.  And I’ve had so many buy me food and leave me chocolates.  Honestly, all the people and animals I sit for are top notch!  I feel bad for charging them!!  The work I do with them is enough to keep my head above water without having to take on an extra job and stress.
I am pondering love BIG TIME.  I have always been blessed with perennially single friends (boo for them, they are awesome, why aren’t they being snapped up, but yay for me because I get to spend time with them!) but now everyone is pairing up.  Two of my dearest friends who were also some of my favourite single ladies are now married and expecting babies.  Whilst I am over the moon, crazy happy for them, I can’t help but be human and scuff my shoe and mumble “When is it my turn?”
I am reading ,well, about to read a book called “Inside of a Dog” by Alexandra Horowitz.  It’s for the course I am doing but it’s also a bestseller at the mo in Australia, I’ve seen it floating around all over the place.  Should be a good read. 
I am creating absolutely nothing.  I have so many works-in-progress at the moment.  Maybe I can do a June Nano or something?  I have the germ of an idea floating around in my head.  It’s just a silly romantic comedy (who even WRITES those anymore??) but it might be fun to write something I don’t really care about, just to get back into practice. 
A picture-thought I'm sharing is me and the roomies in our onesies!  I am the sexy cat one.