Saturday, 30 April 2011

I'm going to be a mum!

Well, a foster mum.

To an animal.

But you get my drift. I'm so excited!! And not just to any animal, a special animal. A special animal with special needs.

I will be looking after one of these little guys.

Warning: I will be talking about a few things that made my friends go 'ewwww' and clutch their stomachs so just be warned. Nothing graphic but it made people go 'ew' so I thought I'd warn you.

He was dropped into our surgery with an eye problem. The problem being that one of his eyes has popped out and has hardened whilst still being attached. Just telling people that grosses them out, so I will try my very best to take a photo of him from his 'good side'. He is such a little sweetheart. We fed him by hand at work and he was sitting in the palm of my hand, one of his hands clutching an almond and the other clutching my thumb. Oh man, I love him so much!!

Due to his eye problem, we are taking it slowly. He didn't eat very much last night when he was staying with another of the vet nurse's, so we're not sure he will survive. He is a very skinny little guy, as he's been obviously finding it hard to fend for himself in the wild but I am looking forward to the task of fattening him up.

I realise this is quite ridiculous and not the best 'pet' but we'll see how it goes. He wouldn't survive in the wild with just one eye, as his perception would be off when 'gliding' around. Captivity is not the best option but I just couldn't let them put him down. My bleeding heart is going to get me into trouble one of these days.

Also at work, I got involved in my first emergency! A dog was brought in that had fallen off the back of a ute. His back leg was scraped through to the bone (again, sorry!) but it was all stitched together beautifully by the vet and the dog is now home with his family, all safe and sound. But he was a giant dog (about 30kg) and I was in charge of restraining him. I am little and have weedy arms, but luckily he was a sweetheart and just lay there and let us do everything to him. As soon as I walked over to him, he rolled onto his back so that I could scratch his belly. I am always in awe of animals, espcially dogs with their trusting nature. He must have been in so much pain, but he saw me, a stranger, and wanted to be comforted by having his belly rubbed. Once he was sedated, me and the vet had to lift him up onto the table so his leg could be stitched up. I need to start doing weights because there is no way I could do that on a regular basis. 30kg of dead weight is super heavy, even if I only had to lift half of it.

I just got back from the library and got out so many hair magazines for ideas for my challenge. There are apparently guides with 'easy steps' in them to show me how to do some fun hairstyles. Not sure how I'll go.

And then later today, it's a roadtrip to IKEA! Huzzah!! I want to buy room accessories.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wishful Wednesday

I’ve seen on a few blogs this ‘30 for 30 remix’ and from what I can gather, this is where you take 30 items from your wardrobe and mix them together for 30 days. This encourages you to wear your existing clothes in new and interesting ways, instead of going out and buying new clothes. It sounds like a fun idea and I was all fired up to do it, until I realised I don’t own 30 pieces of clothing- and should probably go out and buy some clothes.

However I love a challenge and decided to do “30 for 30“ with my hair. I have been growing my hair for about a year now so that I can chop it off and give it to 'Locks of Love' who will turn it into a wig for a child suffering from hair loss, whether it be from disease or chemo or whatever. I now have fun, long hair but I never really do anything with it.

The time is a-coming when I will be chopping off my long locks and I thought “Let’s enjoy it while it lasts”. So... obviously I can’t have zany hair styles for work and there’s no point in having them over the weekend because I don't really leave the house, therefore, Monday through Wednesday, I will be rocking my new looks for ten weeks (through term time at least).

So my latest televisual pleasures (eww!) have been the fantasy epics, ‘Camelot’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ and I have been enjoying the inspirations. They are all about plaits/braids and long flowing curls. And they are also all about chunky gold jewellery but that’s a whole other blog post.

Obviously I won’t be able to do looks like this because a) I’m not a queen with servants and/or b) I’m not on a TV show with hair and makeup artists at my beck and call.

Instead I will stick to simple inspirations, like this.

Here are my attempts.

<-- This is for the everyday...

and this is for when I am posing in front --> of my mirror at home

Do you have any fun hairstyles that you think I should try out for this challenge?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cheap Tuesdays

Today was my last day of holidays and of course I did not make it count! I stayed at home and read- oh and I totally got Jehovah’d! These super sweet old ladies came round and had been to our house before, spreading their Jehovah Witness’s message. They’d caught boy roomie last time but this time, I was the one they were after as boy roomie had mentioned that one of his roomie’s was ‘religious’. I think they were quite surprised that I knew what I was talking about regarding religion and the Bible. I think older people believe that young people are ignorant when it comes to spiritual matters, it also helps that I look about 16 so that impressed them even more! The JW’s and I have more than a few doctrinal issues, which we of course tried to resolve while they stood on my doorstep. They pulled out their Bibles and I got mine out from my room! They didn’t quite get the hint that I wasn’t buying what they were selling and promised to be back. However, I’m kind of glad they’ll be back because this time, they had me stumped because they’d done all their research and knew all about original Greek words and stuff and made me feel like a bit of an ignoramous. However, after they left I also did my research and have marked out in my Bible my defence arguments for when they return!!!

Today also coincided with our house tradition of ‘Blue Ray Tuesday’ where we get pizzas and movies. This was the first time though that we were stumped at what to get at the video store (PS it will ALWAYS be called a video store, always!!!) and we ended up getting ‘Tron’ and ‘Jackass 3D’. 'Tron', unfortunately we did not make it all the way through. It was just odd and they’d gone for special effects over story, imo. ‘Jackass 3D’ I actually really enjoyed although I certainly had to turn my head away several times and concentrate on controlling my gag reflex! But I laughed way more than I thought I would. What can I say, I’m a fourteen year old boy at heart :)

And now imaginary reader, I am going to go to bed and try and get a good night's sleep before school tomorrow.

Monday, 25 April 2011

An UnManic Monday

As much as I love school, I’m not looking forward to going back on Wednesday. I just looked at my next few assignments and they sure are doozies. Dude, the 1950's called and they want their vocabulary back.

I have grown accustomed to being on holidays. Like today, I spent the morning on the Internet and then in the afternoon I caught up with an old friend and ate icecream and saw a movie. Why can’t all days be as lazy and fun as that? Life would probably get boring quickly. Maybe those kind of days are only fun because they are so far and few between.

I am looking forward to going back to work though. I want to hear if Maverick’s still around and the funny things Jenny’s kid says. I love love LOVE work. I know it’s not all playing with kittens but at the moment, it really is!

The second episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ is up online. I am itching to get my paws on it. I wasn’t quite sure about the first episode, it’s so dark and, well, horrible. Besides, I *hate* watching something before reading the book... and then the last five seconds happened and I was hooked. I’ll be telling myself that I’m watching it for direwolf cubs (and I believe I was promised dragons) but I’m lying. I love me some royal backstabbing and shenanigans and awesome costumes (and Sean Bean). I am getting the audiobook version of the book (all 33 hours of it!) next weekend and I’m excited.

Speaking of which, the lovely Helen and Olly from one of my fave podcasts “Answer Me This” have a great offer with Click here to receive a free audiobook. I did it last time and you really can get a free book! Just cancel your subscription within 14 days, even though you do have to give credit card details, and you don’t get charged a thing. Or if you’re anything like me, you cancel yours the second your audiobook has finished downloading :) It gives Helen and Olly (and Martin) some much needed money. And also listen to their podcast because you learn lots of (useless) things.

End of advertisement- and blog post.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Spiritual Sunday

A little introduction to this post. I somehow put on both my ‘religious’ hat and my ‘feminist’ hat in this article. I didn’t even know I owned a ‘feminist’ hat but it fits nicely on my head. Proceed if you dare!

It is Easter Sunday! And what a beautiful day it is. I was so so so looking forward to going to church this morning and then I realised that my friend that stayed the night had blocked me in with her car :( But I read my Bible and listened to my fave Easter music and I didn’t feel so bad spending time with God alone. And it was so great to have my friend stay over. We had such a fantastic Saturday night. She’d just loaded her ipod up with all her old songs so we spent about three hours hardcore dancing to terrible cheesy 90s pop in the living room. Awesome!! My boy roomie serenaded us with Bon Jovi’s ‘Always’, whilst kneeling earnestly atop the coffee table. And he also gave us a sexy dance routine to Rhianna’s ‘Umbrella’- complete with umbrella. Hehe, I love my friends!

So what did I learn on this Sunday? I went for a walk in the afternoon (to attempt to work off all the chocolate I’d eaten!) and I listened to more Easter music and tried to listen out for God also. I was really struck by the beauty of the everyday. It’s something that I am becoming obsessed with. You know, the little flower peeping up from behind a rubbish bin or the wagging tail of a dog as it eyes you walking past its yard. The more you look for it, the more you find it.

One thing I’ve also been pondering is women in these Easter passages that I read today. In John, Mary Magdalene is the first to see a newly risen Jesus. And in all the versions of the Easter story, it is the women who are the last to leave his side at the cross and the first to visit the tomb. They were the first ones to spread the Good News. I’ve never noticed that before. But Jesus and the message he brought was so radical for women. It was a message that gave hope to those who had been silenced and downtrodden. It’s no wonder that women are mentioned often as being part of Jesus’ entourage. And not just serving Him food, but sitting at His feet and engaging Him in dialogue. He spoke freely to them and never had to wait in line to speak to Him. Sometimes I feel that it is hard to be a woman in church and sometimes our voices can get lost. I’ve never felt opressed per se, but I feel there is an unspoken rule in a lot of churches about how many ‘leadership’ roles women can do. Like, they can be leaders at Sunday School- where they mould the Christian worshippers of tomorrow, but they can’t really be leaders in church- moulding the Christian worshippers of today. But whatever the ‘rules’ are that we’ve put into church, God doesn’t care. My favourite discovery of the day was John 20:17. After Mary has randomly stumbled across a newly risen Jesus, He says to her “Stop clinging to me" and it made me laugh. I got this image in my head of Mary being so overjoyed to see Jesus and just giving Him the biggest bear hug in the world and not wanting to let go! Exactly what you'd do if you discovered a dead friend alive and well again. It’s such a feminine reaction and completely the right one too. Male or female, we all have our roles to play in spreading the Good News of Jesus’ message.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lazy Saturday

Hanging out on a Saturday. My assignments are done and I have the long weekend to relax (although I do want to get a jump start on my next set of assignments due in... when did I become such a nerd??). Nothing says 'lazy Saturday' to me quite like reading on my bed and writing in my journal. I needed to add to the awesomeness so I got up and went to get some snacks. I returned to spy this little interloper on my bed.

I feel like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. "Someone's sitting in my spot"