Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cheap Tuesdays

Today was my last day of holidays and of course I did not make it count! I stayed at home and read- oh and I totally got Jehovah’d! These super sweet old ladies came round and had been to our house before, spreading their Jehovah Witness’s message. They’d caught boy roomie last time but this time, I was the one they were after as boy roomie had mentioned that one of his roomie’s was ‘religious’. I think they were quite surprised that I knew what I was talking about regarding religion and the Bible. I think older people believe that young people are ignorant when it comes to spiritual matters, it also helps that I look about 16 so that impressed them even more! The JW’s and I have more than a few doctrinal issues, which we of course tried to resolve while they stood on my doorstep. They pulled out their Bibles and I got mine out from my room! They didn’t quite get the hint that I wasn’t buying what they were selling and promised to be back. However, I’m kind of glad they’ll be back because this time, they had me stumped because they’d done all their research and knew all about original Greek words and stuff and made me feel like a bit of an ignoramous. However, after they left I also did my research and have marked out in my Bible my defence arguments for when they return!!!

Today also coincided with our house tradition of ‘Blue Ray Tuesday’ where we get pizzas and movies. This was the first time though that we were stumped at what to get at the video store (PS it will ALWAYS be called a video store, always!!!) and we ended up getting ‘Tron’ and ‘Jackass 3D’. 'Tron', unfortunately we did not make it all the way through. It was just odd and they’d gone for special effects over story, imo. ‘Jackass 3D’ I actually really enjoyed although I certainly had to turn my head away several times and concentrate on controlling my gag reflex! But I laughed way more than I thought I would. What can I say, I’m a fourteen year old boy at heart :)

And now imaginary reader, I am going to go to bed and try and get a good night's sleep before school tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I used to live near a Jehovah's Witnesses church/temple thingy and they were always visiting us. They always seemed to send around the young, insanely attractive people to our house and they kept trying to give me pamphlets and booklets. I hope you have fun when the old ladies come back to continue the debate with you. :)