Saturday, 30 April 2011

I'm going to be a mum!

Well, a foster mum.

To an animal.

But you get my drift. I'm so excited!! And not just to any animal, a special animal. A special animal with special needs.

I will be looking after one of these little guys.

Warning: I will be talking about a few things that made my friends go 'ewwww' and clutch their stomachs so just be warned. Nothing graphic but it made people go 'ew' so I thought I'd warn you.

He was dropped into our surgery with an eye problem. The problem being that one of his eyes has popped out and has hardened whilst still being attached. Just telling people that grosses them out, so I will try my very best to take a photo of him from his 'good side'. He is such a little sweetheart. We fed him by hand at work and he was sitting in the palm of my hand, one of his hands clutching an almond and the other clutching my thumb. Oh man, I love him so much!!

Due to his eye problem, we are taking it slowly. He didn't eat very much last night when he was staying with another of the vet nurse's, so we're not sure he will survive. He is a very skinny little guy, as he's been obviously finding it hard to fend for himself in the wild but I am looking forward to the task of fattening him up.

I realise this is quite ridiculous and not the best 'pet' but we'll see how it goes. He wouldn't survive in the wild with just one eye, as his perception would be off when 'gliding' around. Captivity is not the best option but I just couldn't let them put him down. My bleeding heart is going to get me into trouble one of these days.

Also at work, I got involved in my first emergency! A dog was brought in that had fallen off the back of a ute. His back leg was scraped through to the bone (again, sorry!) but it was all stitched together beautifully by the vet and the dog is now home with his family, all safe and sound. But he was a giant dog (about 30kg) and I was in charge of restraining him. I am little and have weedy arms, but luckily he was a sweetheart and just lay there and let us do everything to him. As soon as I walked over to him, he rolled onto his back so that I could scratch his belly. I am always in awe of animals, espcially dogs with their trusting nature. He must have been in so much pain, but he saw me, a stranger, and wanted to be comforted by having his belly rubbed. Once he was sedated, me and the vet had to lift him up onto the table so his leg could be stitched up. I need to start doing weights because there is no way I could do that on a regular basis. 30kg of dead weight is super heavy, even if I only had to lift half of it.

I just got back from the library and got out so many hair magazines for ideas for my challenge. There are apparently guides with 'easy steps' in them to show me how to do some fun hairstyles. Not sure how I'll go.

And then later today, it's a roadtrip to IKEA! Huzzah!! I want to buy room accessories.

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Jennifer said...

What a cute little guy! So awesome that you get to keep him!