Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day 1 & 2 of my Hair Raising Exploits (plus bonus sugar glider update!)

I had two major assignments due in, which is why this blog was suspended for a while as I worked my little booty off to try and get them in on time. Mission completed!!

Day 1 (yesterday)
In honour of my first follower (I now have two!!! Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for adding me Jennifer- your blog and your story looks lovely, I so look forward to reading it all in more depth!), who is my charming Internet buddy Katie, she suggested that I do the ‘milkmaid braids’ thing. So I did. I actually wasn’t sure if I should and then I saw a picture of Amy from Doctor Who wearing them and I was sold on the idea!

And this is what mine looked like (not that you can really see them!)

There were so many people in my class who made kind comments about my hair, I actually got a bit embarrassed :) My teacher when he saw me asked if my hairdo was in honour of the Royal Wedding! He always gets me mixed up with two other girls in my class and struggles for my name but today he remembered my name straight off the bat!!! And also today he brought up my hair again, saying that all the teachers in the staffroom were saying how lovely my hair looked! Must have made an impression!

It was quite easy to do so I might bust it out again once the challenge is over. I was also running late so didn’t have time to secure them exactly as I would have liked. And it stayed in all day. Definitely onto a winner with that hairstyle and it’s one I never would have tried.

Day 2
I spent all last night doing my assignment but promised myself I would go for a run this morning. When I finally dragged myself up from my bed, it was quite late so I didn’t have time to do a fun style. So I just wore my hair how I normally wear it. BORING!! It’s only Day 2 and already I am reverting to my generic hairstyles. I thought I would be wearing those styles in the last few days as I get desperate! Um... and my camera is now not working!!! So no picture, my camera had better be working for next Monday!

Tomorrow is a work day so no fun hairstyles, however I do have my next hairstyle all picked out.

In sugar glider news, he’s still going strong. Because he will (hopefully!) be getting eye surgery and becoming a one eyed glider, girl roomie said he was like a pirate. And you know how pirates say ‘Shiver me timbers’? Well our glider is called ‘Sugar me timbers’! That made me laugh so hard! Or Tim for short.

I’m surprised at how used to him I am and how used to me he is. When I am working at night on my computer, he runs around my desk. It is honestly such a privilege to be able to interact with this animal that not many people even get to see. I went to Sizzler for lunch yesterday and they had this nut mix and I stole giant amounts of it for Tim! It has all his favourite food- nuts and dried fruit. The mix introduced him to dried pineapple which is his new favourite thing. I showed him the selection of food and offered him a little pineapple piece. He started nibbling and then grabbed it with his hands. Then he realised there were more pineapple pieces, so he moved the pineapple piece into one hand, picked up another piece and started eating that one! He cracks me up. He’s a greedy guts at heart, I’ve just got to work out what food he likes. Food that is healthy!!

He still isn’t eating as much as I would like. They are supposed to eat 1/4 cup of fruit and vegetables and a tiny protein mix every day. He eats a small amount of dried fruit and nuts, it’s the only thing I can get him to eat. At this stage, I would like for him to just get fat so we know he’ll be able to survive surgery. However, as much as I love him and the joy I get from him, I don’t know whether captivity is the best option for him. It’s not like he was born into captivity, he was a wild animal who used to roam around and he is now sleeping in a cat carry cage. Obviously if he survives surgery, I will get him something bigger and more suitable. But he’s started displaying some worrying signs, he ran around my floor in circles last night, like he was chasing his tail. He started being gross with his popped out eye yesterday and was using his little hand to try and pull it off. As a result, he was in a mood with me because I kept poking him to distract him from pulling his eye off. I am quite prepared that if the vet wants to put him to sleep, I will agree that it is the best option.

I will miss him so much though. I love peeking into his cage and checking out his outrageous sleeping positions! He loves sleeping on his back with all his feet in the air, looking all the world like road kill, with his bung eye sticking out (I promise he is alive in that photo!!). Or on his back with his tail curled over him like a blanket. He’s just so chilled, I might accidentally disturb him with my movements and he’ll just open his eyes, see that it’s only me, stretch and then go back to sleep. And the night before last, I had him out and I was lying on my bed and he was grooming himself whilst perched on my tummy. My stomach then started making odd noises which freaked him out, so he ran onto my leg- a safe distance away from the scary noises! My stomach kept making the noises and Timmy was so hilarious as he kept cocking his head every time there was a noise, as if he was *really* trying to work out what that noise was. I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s a funny little critter. I hope he will be better tonight when he wakes up and I let him out.


Anonymous said...

He is too adorable for words! I love the way you describe his character and his quirky little habits, plus that sleeping pose is just fantastic. To think I used to believe my cat slept in the strangest positions ever... it turns out she has nothing on the sugar glider.

I'm glad the hair went well! It looked great. :) I can't wait to see what you have planned next.

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Hannah said...

Hahah oh my gosh this post just made me laugh and smile so much! Your little guy is so cute :) I'm so happy to be your newest follower :) xo