Tuesday, 17 May 2011

School's out for two days!

Today there was no school. My teacher told us last Tuesday that he was competing in a [some kind of sporting event, I forget which] and that he wouldn’t be coming in next Tuesday because he would be too tired. So in turn, we could have the day off. And then yesterday it was announced that all the teachers would be attending a funeral on Wednesday so there would be nobody to teach us.

Good news= no school Tuesday and Wednesday which gives me more time to do my assignments

Bad news= no more hair updates this week

I still went into school today and sat in the library for a couple of hours and did a lot of the research that I needed for my assignments. At home I am very tempted to check my email and sit around but at least when I have made the effort to go to the library, I then also make the effort to actually do my work.

Now I am sitting at home and writing a blog entry instead of going through my research and trying to write my essay. This definitely proves my point. And before that, I watched episodes of The Hills for like two hours.

On the way home, I stopped at our local Vinnie’s. Katie has inspired me with her talk of a Writing Hat and now I want a similar Writing Article. I decided on a brooch and went to go and find it today. No luck. But I did get a sweater, a t-shirt (that looks like a piratey bodice!) and another longer t-shirt. AND best of all, I found a belt that is definitely a cousin or half-sibling of my lucky belt that was lost! So I feel like I have replaced my lucky belt and I can swan around channeling Cap’n Renoylds! Totally worth the effort and the whole shopping expedition only cost me $17 :)


Kristy said...

Huzzah for new Firefly belts!! I'm sure our good friend Summer (aka River) would totally love it :)

Katie said...

Awww, I'm sad that you didn't find your writing brooch but it's fantastic that you found a selection of other treasures. :)

Here's to being productive, despite temptations to be otherwise!

P.S. Would you be able to allow comments with name & url? Blogger keeps refusing to let me comment my LJ account. :(

Abigail said...

Omg and you like Firefly???!!! We totally need to be friends. Like, for real. :)