Monday, 9 May 2011

Day 3: The Plaited Bun

In general news, today was horrible. I got called on twice in class and both times I didn't know the answer. The first time, I had to come out and draw something on the board- which I couldn't do and just stood there like a loser before shoving the board pen back in the teacher's hand and again saying "I don't know". The second time, I said completely the wrong answer, so much so that the teacher jokingly slapped my hand. It was funny and I know he didn't mean to embarass me but I just felt stupid especially as he went on and on about it. In addition, he had completely forgotten my name again. And called me a whole new name, so now instead of mixing me up with two other girls, it's now three other girls. Awesome.

The weather was a miserable drizzling day and I can feel a cold coming on. And also today, our classes got swapped on us without us being told so nobody had the right books so we had to listen to our teacher just read out of the book for five hours. This is the first time I have ever doodled in this class because normally I love what I do. But for the last hour, this was my effort. Please note the pirate with the eye patch in the bottom left hand margin and the winged horse on the right. I'm pretty darn good, right? You can tell I make a pretty sweet living from my art :)

And now onto the good stuff. The hair stuff. The actual reason why you might have stopped by this blog. Well, last night I watched the next episode of 'Game of Thrones'. I spend most of my time going "Ugh, I hate him/her so much", which makes you think I would hate the show but actually I super love it! I've never watched a show where I pretty much hate everyone's guts but somehow this works! Anyway, I got my hair inspiration from an unusual source- one of the children on the show. She's a cute fiesty young thing however I wasn't sure how it would look on me considering I'm way more than double her age. But I was desperate and needed to keep my hair up out of my face as we were supposed to have a practical class that afternoon and my hairstyle that I wanted to wear was one where half my hair was down. If it all works out well, you'll be seeing that one tomorrow!

It actually looked pretty darn good. I mean, I'm not the one that has to stare at it all day because I'm the one wearing the style but I was really pleased with how it turned out. The front looked 'interesting' but the back looked 'pretty'. And since I sit in the front, you're welcome fellow students! Also see how miserable I look in the 'front' picture, it's like I'm having a premonition of how terrible the day is going to be. And my hair looks a really different colour than it actually is.


Abigail said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day, but I love your hair!!! Also, I saw below that you took inspiration from Doctor Who-- isn't it the best show ever??!! Ugh, I'm obsessed :). Hope the week looks up!


Anonymous said...

I love that hairstyle - it looks great! It serves a wonderful purpose in that it keeps your hair away from your face and it looks fantastic.

Hopefully today will be much better to you than yesterday.

Kristy said...

Honey I'm sorry to hear that you had a horrible day :( I'm sure that tomorrow will be better.

P.S. Only you could rock that hair! I'm seriously jealous right now that you can pull off these hair styles.