Monday, 23 May 2011

Day 6: The Side Ponytail

God answered my prayers and my Nursing theory exam has been pushed back to next week. Huzzah!!! As usual I am procrastinating on studying for my huge Science exam tomorrow and will have to fall back on prayer and adrenalin during the test. I usually manage to muddle through anyway.

On a side note, my teacher popped his head around the classroom door and told us that there would be a question on bull’s penises in the test, specifically what is in there that isn’t in any other animal’s so we should look that up before tomorrow’s exam. We were like “WHAT?!?!?”. Maybe you should have taught us that instead of telling us to find out what it is before the test. Then because we were all like “That is so dumb”, he ended up telling us anyway! So I have at least one mark going for me in tomorrow’s test :) It is a sigmoid flexture in case you were wondering. It makes me laugh because it sounds like it could be a posh kid’s name “Hi, my name is Sigmoid Fletcher” and we all vowed to call our children Sigmoid if we married someone whose last name was Fletcher.

And after my Pathology test was remarked, I passed. Phew!!

So, hair. Running late as usual. Plus we had a practical in the afternoon so hair must go up. Which means that it was side ponytail because I really can’t multitask first thing in the morning.

Nilly happened to be hanging around whilst the photos were being taken so she got in on the action. Although she looks embarrassed to being ‘paparazzied’. Never mind. She secretly knows how to work it for the camera. This is how she sits during the ENTIRETY of dinner. Girl doesn’t know when to give up.

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Katie said...

Huzzah for passing the test after all! I'm really glad that turned out OK.

Good luck for your exam tomorrow! :)