Monday, 30 May 2011

Day 9: Side Bun with a Twist

Today was a good day in so many ways.

I invented a new hairstyle. My side bun escaped from the clutches of my hair elastic and twizzled out into some interesting new design. I can also see thanks to the photo that I have so many smudges on my mirror... I should probably get around to cleaning it...

The hairstyle didn't last very long but it didn't need to.

Because, school finished early today! I feel like I write that a lot :) We had a practical exam that was supposed to be in the afternoon but the teacher swapped it to the morning. And then I had the 'luck' to be put into the first group to be examined. Less time to study BUT the teacher said as soon as we had finished, we could go home because they'd decided not to have the practical class in the afternoon. So I finished up around 11am.

But I had to stay behind and do my Pharmacology exam in the library. The one that only three people have passed so far out of about 20 people. I was one of the last ones to do it as today was the last day it could be done before students were locked out of the online exam. I read through my Pharmacology handout and thanks to luck (and a big thanks to prayer), everything that I had just read in my booklet was in the exam! Not only did I pass, but I did very, very well.

I only have exams left. Oh, as I write that I realise it's not true. One more teensy assignment too. So when I got home at lunchtime, I lay on the sofa and watched 'Tin Man', the Sci-Fi Channel's take on 'The Wizard of Oz' for the ENTIRE afternoon. It's quite a clever twist on the tale and stars Zooey Deschanel who is one of my favourite people to watch onscreen. The miniseries has been out for ages and ages but I finally got round to watching it today. I've still got a bit to go but I definitely recommend it. I should probably wait until the end before I go ahead and recommend it, but oh well.

And now to steal something from Danielle's blog because I hate being rude and not responding to comments.

Abigail: Thanks for your support re: farty dogs :) I'm far too excited about this Medieval Faire! I've only been to one beforehand when I was about 8. I really want to get dressed up, I hope I can coax Jess into doing the same! Have you been to a Faire dressed up?


Katie said...

Well done on passing the test! It's neat that you get to find out straight away if you've passed or not - suspense can be painful otherwise.

I love that your hair decided to do its own thing!

Abigail said...

Yes, you have to dress up! The one we went to a couple of weeks ago it was "Pirate Weekend" so in addition to all the people dressed in renaissance garb, we had pirates! My friends and I were kind of a mix of pirate and renaissance. It was great. AND STICK WITH DOWNTON ABBEY! It gets good. Trust me. And you get SO invested in these characters. I marathoned it on Netflix with a friend of mine and it was an emotional rollercoaster (in the best way).