Sunday, 29 May 2011

Work and Weekend Update

From what I can gather, the girl that was supposed to be leaving work, will be staying on. Sucks for me because they now won’t be paying me to do my work experience and mainly because now they will probably only be able to offer me 10-20 hours once I finish at the end of the year, instead of the full time work that was originally offered. BUT Suzanne is really lovely and has been immensely helpful to me since I started and she's new like me, which is good- we can muddle through together. So although it means less work, it means more friends. And that is a GOOD thing. People over money any day.

We had a farty, farty dog on Friday. Oh man. It was in the back room, waiting to have an operation to have a lump removed and it was farting something chronic. Which made me giggle. But then she continued when she was on the operating table which was not funny because it stunk out the operating theatre and I nearly died!! Then as soon as she woke up from the anaesthetic, she pooped in the cage and got it all over herself, so we got her out of the cage, where she promptly pooped all over the floor. We cleaned the old girl up, cleaned the cage, cleaned the floor and then waited a while to make sure she wasn’t going to go again. It seemed like it was safe so we popped her back in the cage, where she IMMEDIATELY went again!! Pulled her out and she went all over the floor. Cleaned everything up and then... yep, you guessed it, she pooped the second she was in her cage again. It was one of those ‘laugh or you’ll cry’ moments. The vet came along and decided to take the dog for a walk to try and clear everything out of her... and she pooed on the walk too. And it wasn’t normal poo, it was foul smelling, slimy poo. And then it was lunch time :)

Afterwards, Jess and I continued chatting and I had my hair plaited and up (practicing for next week!) and for some reason that got Jess talking about the local Medieval Faire (I’m sorry, I have to spell it that way!). It’s happening in July and we are going!! We spent most of the day talking about braiding hair (she showed me a great website) and planning what we will do at the Medieval Faire.
Things we will do:
drink ale at the tavern
crush on the jousters
join in with the Medieval dancing
And Jess is going to braid my hair for the event. I sense an epic blog post!!

Lunch with the grandparents and then went to the movies with my mum and saw a nice little movie called ‘Get Low’, which I wouldn’t really recommend to you unless you are over 60 or you have an old soul (like me). Not much happened but it was nice and made me mad I wasn’t born in the good old days. But then I had the song ‘Low’ by Flo Rida stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Went home and watched Doctor Who... which ended up being another pesky two parter, grr!! It was nice to see Rory take on a bit of the limelight though.

I went to a random church because they had a Gospel Music service. SO much fun. I wish I had more gospel music in my life. Mum came along with me, even though it meant leaving our house at 7.30 in the morning and neither of us are real morning people. Then we went to Ikea and we got a quilt for me, as well as a vase because I have decided that I will spend my spare money on flowers.

Hope everyone is doing well. I am shut in my room pretending to be doing my assignment but secretly I am on blogger (clearly). Downton Abbey starts tonight. I am looking forward to a soap opera masquerading as a period drama. This is going to be good!

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Abigail said...

First of all-- sorry about that dog. Ew. Secondly, yay for medieval faire!!! I love Renaissance/Medieval Faires. So fun. Thirdly-- the second season of Downton Abbey is out???? Really???? I thought it didn't start until the fall!