Monday, 16 May 2011

Day 5: The Messy Bun (and obligatory pics of T-dawg)

Today, I was running late. I have let myself get lazy recently and I just cannot get my arse out of bed. Which meant no time to flip casually through my (library borrowed) Hair magazines and pick an exciting new hairstyle. Instead I fell back on my Ol' Faithful: the messy bun. I tend to rock this look a LOT.

PS I really, really need a better camera. Or a better photographer.

Timmy is being the cutiest patootiest in the world at the moment. And I love him to pieces. Even when he pees on me and leaves me cryptic love notes on my school work that I only find once they have hardened and dried.

He loves his new toys that I got him and he loves his new cage that girl roomie got for him. He likes to hang from the top of his cage and show off. His new name is Timmy 'Ninja' Glider. Ahh, he is a pirate/ninja... I have raised him well.

His wood block chew toy was his most favourite thing in the world. For all of five minutes and now he hates it. He loves climbing up the ladder because it is the lazy way to climb to the top of the cage so he can chill whilst hanging upside down. I'm so happy that he eats food from the bowls I got and that he seems to enjoy climbing up to get them. But the most precious thing is him sleeping in the pouch that I made for him out of an old t-shirt. Being a wild glider, he's obviously not seen a pouch before but he instantly knew what to do with it and hopped right inside and began napping straightaway. I'm so proud of my DIY skills and also of him for not being afraid of it and giving it a go.

I am getting freakishly attached to him now! I was SO ready to let him go over the last few weeks but now he really seems to have settled in and we've gotten into a nice little routine. He's still not wild about being handled but I think it's got more to do with the fact that he's lost vision in one entire side and gets a fright every time I pick him up because he can't see that my fingers will enclose around him and touch him on his blind side.

The new batch of crickets I brought for him are ridiculously fiesty. They hop around all over the place as soon as I open the box and it makes me squeal, like the girl that I am. I am thinking of getting him mealworms once the crickets have run out, a) because I don't want him getting bored of his diet and b) mealworms don't have the potential to jump into my face.

Also, thank you so much for your beautiful comments on my 60s hairdo! I felt all pretty and special :) Especially since I thought I looked good too and then nobody commented at school. Although in their defence, maybe it had lost some of it's bouffy-ness in the 15 mins it takes to walk to school.


Anonymous said...

Naaaw, he's just too cute! I love his little stripes and the way he hangs upside down. It's all so squee-worthy.

Abigail said...

OMG, Timmy is adorable. And I know what you mean about the messy bun-- it's my go-to look.

And thank you for your comment on my grandfather. He was a really great man.