Sunday, 8 May 2011


Ok, I'm going to try and give you the shortened version of what has happened.
  • Timmy survived his op! It was touch and go and he even woke up during the operation, which was a nightmare but he was drugged up on roofies so I like to think he just thought it was a bad trip. He didn't wake up after the op and just slipped further and further into deep sleep. The vet was preparing me for him dying and he was just holding Timmy in his hand. Timmy's gag reflex was gone and his bladder was emptying- these are two of the last things to go before death. The vet was trying to keep it light and was like "Hey, why don't we definitely see if he's a boy?" because before Timmy had been squirming so much we had only been able to make an educated guess. He found the testicles and then a penis and was fiddling around with the penis and suddenly Timmy did a huge starfish stretch and was awake!!! It's going to be a while before the vet lives down his 'magic fingers' reputation!!! Tim was still very groggy when I left for the day but he'd eaten the pineapple piece I offered him. I felt special because he would only take food from me... but on a side note, I was the only one to offer him pineapple coz I know that's his favourite!! The vet did such a great job on Tim's eye, I can't wait to see it next week.
Sorry, already I'm rambling!
  • Had a lovely Mothers' Day with my mum. We went for a picnic with my aunt and cousin and had fish and chips on the seafront. I hardly ever see my cousin as he works overseas as a diplomat- super cool, right?! It was great fun to catch up with him and hear what he's been up to. He's done it tough with his postings in the last few years (basically every country that you hear about on the nightly news) so he wants something a little more easy for his next posting. He teased me with the idea that he might go for a posting in LA and then for his job, he would be helping out with the G'day LA week that they have there, where it's basically a giant party for all the American based Aussie movie and TV stars. I told him I would be on the first plane out :)
And I guess that's it. Hopefully next week I will have my camera sorted and will be able to post pics of Timmy embracing his bad-ass pirate self and also more pics of my hairstyles. I only have one hairstyle picked out for the next three days. Any ideas????

PS Hello and thank you to the new people who checked out my blog. Kristy, I don't really have to thank as I already know her in real life and I would probably have bullied her into cyber-stalking me if she hadn't done it soon enough on her own. Hannah, thank you for being kind enough not only to comment but to also follow me. Check out her beautiful blog. Random internet people are the nicest!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the little sugar glider survived his op, thanks to the magic fingered vet! That is one awesome story.