Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Day 7: The High Ponytail

Maybe this wasn’t the greatest hair style to wear on the day of a really important Science test. I think I channelled ‘cheerleader’ when I should have been channelling ‘science nerd’. I am 99% sure I failed. I left so many answers blank, I feel bleurgh. I’ve never had that experience in an exam before. It was like a nightmare, the kind where you’re in a giant exam hall and you turn over the page and you literally have no idea what the questions are, they might as well be written in ancient Greek. In fact, I probably would have done better if the questions *had been* written in ancient Greek. I’m annoyed at myself. I really should have studied harder. I’ve got no one to blame but myself. And now I will have to do stinking resits :(

But it’s not all bad news. I finally managed to get out ‘Tangled’ from the video store. It’s ALWAYS out but today, I procured it for myself (and my housemates- who have never seen it. Weirdos.). That might help to ease away some of the black clouds from over my head. Maybe I will find some hair inspiration in the movie?

I feel like it's been very doom and gloom recently in my life. Like, nothing terrible has happened but I have just felt so down recently. Here's to better times ahead!!


Katie said...

Well now I'm just intrigued to know what sort of hairstyle you would have worn to do better on the science test! I hope it's not as bad as you fear, though.

Abigail said...

::hugs:: It'll get better! I've been on a roller coaster of ups and downs lately. And I know how you feel on that test-- that was me in my geology exam a few years ago. Blegh...