Friday, 28 October 2011

E is for… Edinburgh

I’m feeling a little melancholy tonight. Not sure why. Although Edinburgh was only my home for six months, I miss it. I think I miss the hope that I had there, hope that absolutely anything could happen. Scotland is most definitely my ‘spiritual home’. Love it to pieces. But I’m a bit afraid to ever go back in case it’s not the same as I remember.

I got to walk with Vikings in a torchlight procession

Visit magical ruins


Discover the best library in the world (complete with secret passage ways!)


While away the hours in beautiful graveyards


Spend hours upon hours wandering through streets that look like this

Pinned Image

Watch far too much Gossip Girl and having a headband club and practise giving my best ‘Serena’ impression.


I must try and remember not to romanticise it too much.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Blu Ray Tuesday #9

The movie:

The menu: Hawaiian pizza with MEDIUM base!! A step away from the usual thin base, such rebels.

Boy Roomie and I kept trying to interject lines and songs from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast into this movie, which is a modern spin on the classic. We hit a home run with the ending but our several attempts to add “Tale As Old As Time'” into the movie didn’t work as well. We kept trying though.

Um, confession time, I found this movie quite enjoyable. I’m pretty sure that the target market for this movie is 14 year old girls but I think I will always be a 14 year old girl at heart. This movie gets bonus marks for co-starring Neil Patrick Harris who is always brilliant in everything he does. He was definitely one of the things that made this movie and he stole every scene he was in. And also Mary-Kate Olsen was in this playing an ‘ugly’ witch. She just wears pale lipstick and messy hair and S&M outfits.

That doesn’t equal ugly. Oh she also plays a high school student despite being 25 and looking it. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, I’m just saying she looks 25.

A few problems: Our resident witch turns our hottie into a beast for seriously NO reason! He’s kind of a douche but as an audience, we aren’t given much to work with. We’re given a few short scenes of him being mean and we’re meant to believe that he deserves this curse. And those short scenes are interspersed with moments with him interacting with our “beauty” who he actually already likes so he’s quite sweet with her.

So when our hottie turns beastly, he’s actually not that bad. He kind of looks like a tattooed rocker and in a city like New York, there’s probably more than a few girls who would find that look pretty darn hot. I think the storyline would have been better if he lived in a small country town.

When Mr Beast is trying to find someone to love him, when he stumbles across his “beauty”, he literally stalks the crap out of her. Like for real. Super creepy. He just hides in the shadows wearing a sweatshirt with the hood up and watches her in her bedroom. KA-REEPY!!!

Recommended? All that aside, the movie is magical and ever so slightly dark, despite everyone knowing how the story will end, making it a great movie for this spooky time of year.

Monday, 24 October 2011

The Zombie Apocalypse

On Sunday I faced my fears. It has been well documented on here that I hate velociraptors a lot, however an equal fear is that of zombies. I somehow got talked into attending ‘Zombie Walk’, ok, I was bribed with a movie. Every year in my city, people walk through the main streets dressed as zombies to raise money for brain cancer. This year there were an estimated ten thousand people aka TEN THOUSAND ZOMBIES!

The majority of people just wandered around covered in fake blood whilst chatting with their neighbour. We weren’t impressed with those people. There were a few zombies though that were dedicated to their craft and they freaked me out!

Some highlights were:

A funeral hearse being driven by zombies with the words “Just buried!” written on the side. And all the other zombies cheered as they drove past!

Zombie children, especially zombie babies being pushed in strollers.


Zombie dogs!


Zombie Ron Weasley


These two were my favourite!


No wait, this kid was my favourite.


As he walked past us, he cocked his shotgun, looked at us and raised his finger to his lips and went ‘shh’. Zombie survivor! I couldn’t stop laughing!!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday morning and I never want to leave

I woke up somewhat early and the sun was shining and I wanted to get out and explore. I have just gotten back into running and my knee is playing up so I decided to have a walk instead. It was actually really interesting to walk my usual running route. So many beautiful things I was able to stop and take a look at it and I attempted to take photos using my teeny ipod. I listened to my ‘This American Life’ podcast on my walk and it was all about adventures and exploration, so it seemed very apt.

I got to see my two favourite bird breeds while I was out.


Wish I could take credit for that picture and the next one but my wee ipod could never take something like that. The galah is probably my favourite bird ever. They feed on seed on the ground which leads to the reason why I love them so. Because they are on the ground, they walk. But they don’t just walk, they waddle. SO funny. And the macho ones have this real gangsta walk. If ever I spot a group of them feeding I have to stay and watch. If I had a pet galah, I would legit never be sad ever again.

I also came across two lorikeets as well. These birds are really cheeky and very easy to tame because they are greedy guts and will do anything for food. My granddad used to feed wild ones by hand in his backyard when I was a kid. I love watching them too because they will get into all sorts of bother in order to get their food!


A red tree being awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this tree flower before. I don’t know its name but it’s so pretty and bright.


I love getting to see this jacaranda when I go out for my run. It’s so beautiful, it always cheers me up and I love the smell as I go past. Plus, it’s really near my house so I know that my exercise is nearly over!!


This is my little friend that I see every time I go for my run. He’s always sitting outside the front of his house, basking in the early morning sun. He’s usually at the top of the driveway and when I stop to say hi, he comes running down for a pat. I love him so much and I get worried if I don’t see him straight away!

Bird stone

This is a cool marker that they have by the river. Actually as I came past this on my way back, this super cute old couple stopped to say hello. I’d seen them earlier on in my walk and the old man raised his hat to me. I hope I get to be part of a super cute old couple one day!


The words say “Because rainbows are better than grey nothingness”. This has been permanently painted onto the pavement of the little park area I walk through. I thought that it was done in chalk but nope, it’s still there. The first time I walked past it, that phrase stuck in my head all day. I love it! It’s got that kind of whimsical mysticness that I associate with fortune cookies.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Back to regular scheduling

Well my life should be somewhat back to normal now. I’ll try and get you up to speed. For the most part, assignments and exams are over. I only have a teeny tiny few left. Am trying to remember that I *do* have things I still need to do. It’s so easy to just slack off.

Everyone’s been posting their gorgeous Autumn photos (I’m particularly giving you the side eye, Gentri!) so I thought I’d post a Spring photo. I didn’t take this one but it’s such a beautiful photo. I pass ones just like this when I go for a run. And these jacarandas smell so beautiful too. Sort of like jasmine.

For someone’s talk for class, we got to make these grass heads. Look at his little hair!! That was taken a few days ago and he’s changed so much. Kids, they grow up so fast, don’t they?!


We finished our puzzle! This is a super old photo. I feel like Boy Roomie would want you to know that. That it hasn’t taken us this long to finish it. Haha, just saw his finger in the picture pointing to our completed puzzle!


In other news, I was bored in class so I coloured in the tips of my hair with a highlighter.


And now I really want to dye my tips. It won’t happen but it was fun for a day. I found this next picture on Pinterest. This would be my dream!!

And then I spent way too long trying to find the perfect short haircut for me, thanks to Pinterest. As a result, I'm kind of stalking Dianna Agron (aka Quinn from Glee)... I'm now obsessed with her hair!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blu Ray Tuesday #8

The movie:

The menu: Pizza. Apart from Boy Roomie who wasn’t feeling well. So he ate an entire bowl of popcorn instead. That smelled amazing. I'm still jealous

I read that this is a horror/comedy but I wouldn’t really describe it as such. It’s definitely a comedy, not so much horror. It’s certainly gruesome but all the blood, death and gore are played for laughs… and it’s very, very funny! We all laughed the entire way through.

A group of teens are headed out to the woods for a camping trip during college break. They run into two hillbillies at a gas station who look and act like every creepy scary redneck from every teen horror movie ever. The action swaps from following the teens to following the rednecks, who it turns out are just two best friends who are heading to the woods themselves to start doing up their newly purchased ‘vacation home’, a small shack.

When one of the girls falls and hurts herself, the two ‘heroes’ swoop in and save her. Unbeknownst to them, the college kids think that the rednecks have kidnapped their friend and plot to get her back. And then calamity and hilarity ensue.

Recommended? Ok, why not? It’s silly, gory fun. Perfect for the Halloween season for all you American folks.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

D is for… Deadlines

As most of you know because I talk about it 99.999878% of the time (when I’m not talking about celebrity crushes that is), I’m currently doing my veterinary nursing degree. I am right at the time when you need to make a final push and for some reason most of the assignments are due in now. I have about five weeks to go. I can hardly believe it!

I remember when I first started, I was fresh and bright eyed. I was all like “This is not going to be like when I was at university. No siree. I am going to do my homework ahead of time. I am going to do my readings. I am going to do EXTRA readings.” That lasted about a month before I went back to my usual student-y ways of mad panicked study sessions and all nighters to get my assignments in on time. Oh well.

On Wednesday, it will almost be all over. I’ve just got a few more exams (scary, practical ones!) and the odd assignment or two and that’s it. This will really be my last week of full on panic mode. Wednesday is when I hand in my last big assignment. Not that the ones remaining aren’t full on, it’s just that I will actually have the time to do them.

I am not good at meeting deadlines. Well, I get it done but it’s probably due to the stress and anxiety. I can’t wait to be a normal person who doesn't spend her weekends locked in her room and isn’t a manic stress ball.

Today we were watching TV (it’s called a ‘study break’, mum!) and we heard this thump and I had this horrible feeling. I walked into my room and my computer had slid off the bed and landed on its side. BTW, we're talking about my brand new laptop that my mum brought for me. Luckily, it was fine. Probably because my poor wee USB stick had taken the brunt of the impact. It was shattered but was still bravely plugged in. It’s not supposed to be at right angles.


Let me remind you, this is my USB with all the giant assignments on it that I have to hand in. I almost started crying but roomies stepped in. Little USB was still flashing at me, so still working, so we put everything onto my desktop and then I got a loan of a USB from Girl Roomie.


Isn’t he the cutest?!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Blu Ray Tuesday #7

The movie:


The menu: McDonald’s. The weather was hot and I think we were all too lazy to discuss which pizza we wanted, so we went with the individuality of Macca’s.

I had never seen this movie. For those who know me- even if only through the blogosphere- I think you’ll agree, that’s a shocking statement. This movie comes up a lot in conversation and people are always surprised that I haven’t seen it. Well, that situation has been rectified.

I did like the movie. Being an ‘English’ person in high school, I definitely wish I’d seen it in high school so it could have had even more of an impact. I still kind of want to scrawl ‘CARPE DIEM’ on every available surface but my adult sensibility won’t quite allow it. I half knew the ending but still teared up anyway. And then Boy Roomie started telling me about the ‘Family Guy’ parody of this movie and that definitely drove the tears away!

Girl Roomie and I started making up ulterior storylines. I liked our one about Robin Williams posing as a loving English teacher who is secretly a serial killer. He lets the boys in his class ‘find out’ about this secret club that meets in the woods. He knows they’ll be enamoured by a midnight club meeting in a discrete location. When the boys go off for the first meeting of the club, there’s a fantastic shot of them walking off into the fog. You could just imagine Robin Williams waiting in the darkness, slowly picking them off one by one in the woods. Brings a whole new meaning to the ‘Dead Poets Society’.

I’m off to walk in the wilderness and read some Walt Whitman. See y’all!!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Introducing the very first guest blogger!!!

Well, as you know (because I talk about it every single chance I get!), school has gotten crazy in the final stretch. I still want to post things to my blog but I usually spend way too long writing stuff up, so I decided to get someone else to do it for me! Jenna was lovely enough to agree to write a guest post for me. Gentri hooked us up and we’ve quickly become BFFs with so much in common! I love the internet for introducing me to such great people- including Jenna. She’s such a sweetheart, just as animal crazy as me and I love her posts, especially Tranquillity Wednesdays!


Hey everyone! I’m so glad that the lovely Miss Laura asked me to guest post on her blog while she tries to tackle her crazy class/work schedule!

So an intro is probably in order seeing as you have no idea whose post you are reading right now!

My name is Jenna and I live in the far off universe of Jacksonville, Florida. I blog over at SewSavoirFaire Creations about a hodge podge of things that mostly focus on animals, crafts, every day inspirations, and just a day in the life of a somewhat crazy cat lady!

So stop on by and say hi, I love to meet new people, at least online :p

pastedGraphic (1)

I was trying to brainstorm what to share with all of Laura’s fabulous readers and because Laura and I share a love for famous boys, I thought I would jump on the cute celebrity boy train, and share with you MY celeb crushes! At least the ones on “the list” this week.

Now in no particular order of severity of crush-level here are the boys!


The bad boy vampire in The Vampire Diaries, all the Lost fans out there will recognize him from the beginning of the show. I however, prefer him as Damon, in the vampy show that is definitely one of my favorite shows!


Next up on deck -

Cam Gigandet, Twilight Fans may know him as James from the first movie, or possibly Burlesque where he played Christina Aguilera's uber cute love interest. No matter where you recognize him from...yum!


Step up to the plate Charlie Day! If you are an Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan you know this man OR from Horrible Bosses.

He is so so funny which in turn makes him crush-worthy. Plus...he is just too cute!


Numero Four -

Adam Levine, lead singer for Maroon 5, he has something about him that just screams confident and the man makes good music! Hello...Moves Like Jagger! (I'm dancing right now because now the song is in my head...great!)


Last but certainly not least -

Oh Jim...I mean John. He has it all. He's adorable, he's hilarious, he's smart...hey and he's tall. Woo hoo!


Oh well a celeb crush list isn't complete without the girl celeb crush! Since Laura and I agreed to share Zooey Deschanel, I thought I would go with my runner up celeb girlfriend.

Ta Da! Mandy Moore!

She is so effortlessly gorgeous, she's got a killer smile, and she's a really smart girl!

And let's not forget...she starred along side John Krasinski in License to Wed.


That's it! That's my Crush of today anyway...there are a lot of movies coming out soon with very cute boys that will probably be taking someone's place before too long!

Who's on your Crush List? Is there anyone that just never loses their spot on your list?

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you stop by and say hello!



Thanks Jenna… for introducing me to more celebrity guys to crush on!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Random snippets of life

I haven't posted in a while. Been busy with stupid school stuff and it's only going to get worse. So I offer you some snapshots of my life instead.

Nilly has become an emo teenager. She blatantly ignores people when called. Sometimes I will call her and crouch down and she will walk towards me and then somewhere in the middle, she just diverts off onto an entirely different path. Her new favourite trick is to just be an emo and lie down in the middle of the floor, wherever.

This was us, studying last week. Please note in the background to the left, the blanket that I lay on the floor so that she can have something comfy to lie on in my room.


Then, because who am I kidding, I never study for long, I went and watched a movie. Instead of hopping up on the sofa next to me, she put her head under a chair, like this.


I went to Kmart TWICE this week and brought up big. I found boots for $5 and will wear them probably forever because I’m so proud of owning a pair of boots for $5!


I’ve been inspired by all your Missoni posts/obsession and so when I found this, I knew you’d be proud :) It’ll be great for summer because it’s all light and floaty. Um, it does look better on me than on the hanger. I love the crochet/lace detailing on the sleeves. AND you get to see my favourite photo of my dog which is sitting on the desk- she’s totes smiling!


Although it wasn’t all cool purchases though, I did buy a pair of shoes for work and don’t they just scream “I’M A SENSIBLE, SERIOUS NURSE”. They’re not even as comfy as they look, which bums me out.


And now I bring you to the obsession of the house at the moment. On a whim, we brought a 750 piece puzzle (because we are AWESOME!!). It is taking over every waking moment. Boy Roomie is properly obsessed aka he almost missed the train to work because he was busy on the puzzle. Yesterday we spent almost the entire evening doing the puzzle. And we don’t talk whilst we work, we sing. Usually we just repeat a line from a song over and over and over and over. And to stop it from getting boring, we’ll change up the tune, put on an unusual accent- basically make it completely different from the original line. Seriously. only us could live with us!


It’s pretty much completed now. Tomorrow is Saturday so no pesky work to get in the way of our serious puzzling. I promise to post the completed puzzle. I know you’ll be dying to see it!!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Blu Ray Tuesday #6

I realise only just now that I broke my Jurassic Park review streak. I may watch it next week but really, JP3 isn’t that great. Not sure if I want to watch it again!

The movie:


The menu: PIZZAS!!!

I really liked this movie. It started off slowly and I confess I was a little bored with all the Viking gods hanging out in their city in the sky but once Thor hits earth, I was back on board. The movie made me proper laugh out loud several times (mainly due to good old fashioned comedy ie people falling over).

Whilst I didn’t quite believe Natalie Portman as a scientist, I was willing to suspend my disbelief because Natalie and Thor had great chemistry together and made me ‘cheesy grin’ whenever they shared the screen together. So darn cute!! Also the bad guy wasn’t just ‘one dimension’ bad guy, I liked that storyline too. Actually all the side characters were really great- well written and well acted, providing a lot of the fun.

Thor’s dyed eyebrows were a bit distracting though. Girl Roomie and I kept needing to comment on them.

Mainly I watched it so that I’d be all up to speed for ‘The Avengers’ when it comes out next year. Can’t wait! There was a great scene at the end of the credits, teasing ‘The Avengers’. Ok, two posts in a row talking about ‘The Avengers’… I’m not a rabid fangirl, I promise!! (Maybe a tiny bit of a fangirl but I’m not too bad!)

Recommended? Yes, a fun summer movie with laughs and action. It’s just under two hours long and it *does* feel that long but if you’re looking for a movie to watch, you can’t really go wrong with this one.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

C is for… Celebrity Crushes (bonus points for alliteration!!)

I thought I'd better continue this alphabet series before I start to forget what letter I'm up to. Oh, celebrity crushes. You get me through the dark days. Where would I be if I hadn't had you? Maybe I'm too old to have crushes on random men who have no idea that I exist but whatever.


My first crush in the world: David Hasselhoff


Oh yeah. This was who I decided to crush on- aged 5. I don’t know what I was thinking. It was Baywatch. Maybe I was attracted to the primary colours? I also watched a lot of Knight Rider and maybe I thought he came with his own talking car.

My animated crush: Dimitri from ‘Anastasia’


As a Disney girl, it definitely kills me that my animated crush isn’t from the Mouse House. He’s super cute, a conman, witty… oh and voiced by another of my celeb crushes, John Cusack.

My high school crush: John Mayer


This was John from before Jessica Simpson, before Jennifer Aniston. Simple, sweet, funny John. Oh man, I had it bad for him!! I really do feel as if he was my high school crush and we took different paths in life. Every time I see him, I kind of go "oh..." and it makes me sad. I just want to sit him down and tell him to concentrate on the music, man!

My celeb girl crush: Zooey Deschanel


Zooey is adorable. She makes me want to dye my hair dark and get a fringe. I love the characters she chooses to play. And she has a beautiful singing voice too.

My five minute crush: Seth Macfarlane


I love his shows and I totally crush on him, but I always forget about him when I’m not watching the shows. I don’t care what anyone says, fart jokes, pop culture references and cut away jokes are funny! And I love his voice too, speaking and singing. Showtunes forever!!!!!

My current crush: Chris Evans... but actually, really, probably, Captain America


An absolutely sweetheart of a character, sweet, honest and brave. Oh wait, and he’s hot. And he has 1940s hair aka hair parted to the side aka my new weakness. I am dying to see The Avengers!!!!!

My runner-up all time crush: Henry Cavill


You guys, he plays World of Warcraft and reads fantasy novels... basically my perfect man. I’m kinda bummed that he’s the new Superman, now the rest of the world is gonna fall head over heels in love with him. I remember the simpler times where he was a suspect on an English crime show.

My all time crush: John Krasinski.


Every time he makes eyes at the camera on The Office, I like to think he'’s making eyes at me :) I'm still a little devo'd he got married, and not to me! But I love Emily Blunt too, so I guess they can have each other.

Who’s on your celeb crush list? Don’t lie and say you don’t have one!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Guest Post: The Roomie Edition

Today I’m linking up with Mrs. T, Naturally. This is a fun idea about getting someone else to write a blog post about what it’s like to live with you. As soon as I found out about this, I thought I’d love to have my roomies do this. I sent them an email (yes we live together but I emailed them… we’re children of the 21st century) and was pleasantly surprised to get responses from both. They’re both busy people and I love that they took the time to write something (about me!) for my little blog. Their responses cracked me up and definitely shows that living together for almost 8 months teaches you a lot about someone!

I mean, I know I said I’d let them do a blog post but it’s MY blog, I can’t let them have it all. I’ll interject in purple :)

Boy roomie:

So this is my ‘Laura’ project. I was given a deadline, and funnily enough I have left it to the night before to finish. Procrastination is a common trait in our house and no one does it better than Laura! (Unfortunately very true!)

Laura calls me ‘Dad’, mainly because I hover around her door like a parent, asking her if her assignments are done, and questioning her about what she has been doing all day if she hasn’t finished them.

Laura took only half an hour to move her stuff into the house which is a demonstration of the unmaterialistic (is that a word?) nature of the girl. She has what she needs, is content with not having all the ‘wants’. She does have a few books though (By a few, he means a GIANT pile stuffed into my bedside table). She is one of the ‘read the book before the movie’ types.

She acts like another parent for Nilly (the dog), which I love and she isn’t afraid of all the unglamorous things you have to do with them like clipping nails, washing and brushing, and filling up water bowls. Nilly loves her – when Laura leaves for church, she sometimes will sit by the door waiting for her to come home.

So I finish with an acrostic type poem:

L is for her Laptop. She is on it a lot, pretending to do her homework (but I know she isn’t). (Sometimes when I hear Boy Roomie walking towards my room to hover in my doorway, I will quickly bring up Word to pretend that I have been working on an assignment and not surfing the internet. Damn, looks like he knew what I was doing the whole time! Can’t put one past Dad!)

A is for her artistic flair. Who knew a trip to Kmart could turn into a bedroom renovation extravaganza

U is for her uncontrolled laughter, usually at the TV or the dog. (Nilly gets this look on her face which I like to call her ‘P*ssed off face’, which cracks me up. I love how dogs really do have facial expressions. It’s usually directed at Boy Roomie who will annoy her when she’s trying to sleep. It’s such a patient look, like she’s thinking “I hate this but I just have to put up with being poked for five minutes and then he’ll get bored and I can go back to sleep”)

R is for her recipes, hardly a repeat meal in the seven months we’ve lived together.

A is for her assignments. She has so many of them! (I think I have TOO many of them)

And this is Girl Roomie’s post about life with me

Some thoughts on...

...dinner: Always trying different food and internet recipes out on us; we’re both happy to be guinea pigs (I wouldn’t have tried tofu roast for anyone else). Sometimes we’re left in charge of getting dinner ready when Laura’s working and we always seem to stuff up. I always forget vital freezer ingredients and just do wedges (the disappointment on her face almost broke my heart); whereas Boy Roomie doesn’t really stuff up, he just hangs around drinking wine until Laura is in the driveway, and then he’ll decide to pop the oven on. I’m pretty sure she is used to the feeling of her own stomach eating itself by now. (Haha!! Girl Roomie and I are early dinner people, 6:30/7, is when our bellies are ready for dinner. Boy Roomie is happy to wait until like 8 or 9 before dinner. This is a point of contention in the house when Boy Roomie is in charge of dinner. Girl Roomie and I are nearly dying of starvation when dinner comes around!)

...TV: Watching TV with Laura in the room is priceless. When she’s not lying to you about if a main character’s head is going to get chopped off (for which I’ll never forgive/forget) (I said I was sorry- but you got the full emotional effect of the death. That’s what’s important!), she’s throwing cushions at the tv in disgust or laughing like a squeaky door alongside Boy Roomie (aka The Seagull). (Poor Girl Roomie has to put up with me and Boy Roomie laughing at our TV shows… and we LOVE to laugh! Despite our terrible laughs!)

Other high points are when zombies or velociraptors are involved; if you can’t see Laura just look for her blanket, she’ll be under it. But the BEST part about watching tv with her is making up the show/movie plots as they go along. Our ideas are always much better and we would definitely make the best season two of Winners & Losers ever. (TV is definitely the central focus of our house- as you may be able to tell from Blu Ray Tuesday. Girl Roomie and I always watch very cool shows together… and Boy Roomie and I watch comedies together and giggle like loons)

...cleanliness: Neat enough, doesn’t leave stuff lying alllllll around the place like I do! Also discourages me from vacuuming as it would interfere with her quiet study time (I hate vacuuming so I like this a lot). (I only pretend to be tidy. My bedroom is the first thing people see when they open the door so I try and keep it relatively tidy- not as easy task for a messy fool like myself. Luckily it’s small so it can’t get too messy!) stuff: Has a large number of celebrity boyfriends, the floozy! Don’t you dare let your eyes linger over John Krasinski, he is well and truly taken. (I really am a hypothetical ho as I like to call it. And I am quite possessive of my harem of celebrity men)

Some other good bits:

· · Her shampoo smells awesome. (Apple fresh, if you’re interested)

· · Always seems to be in the right place when free food is on offer (e.g., NightOwl, church ladies – although I didn’t get any of these scones) (That’s because I ate them all)

· · Brought my attention to the Heat light in the bathroom in the middle of winter, thank youuuuu!

· · Opens the door when she can hear me struggling to find my keys.

· · Knows everything, amazing memory; best person to have at Trivia.

· · “That’s what she said.”

So, overall: Laura is kind, considerate, warm, smart and funny to live with

And this is why I love her :)

How cute are my roomies?!?!?! I love hearing what they have to say and maybe I can bribe them with food to do another guest post.

Photo: Girl Roomie sold separately.