Saturday, 15 October 2011

D is for… Deadlines

As most of you know because I talk about it 99.999878% of the time (when I’m not talking about celebrity crushes that is), I’m currently doing my veterinary nursing degree. I am right at the time when you need to make a final push and for some reason most of the assignments are due in now. I have about five weeks to go. I can hardly believe it!

I remember when I first started, I was fresh and bright eyed. I was all like “This is not going to be like when I was at university. No siree. I am going to do my homework ahead of time. I am going to do my readings. I am going to do EXTRA readings.” That lasted about a month before I went back to my usual student-y ways of mad panicked study sessions and all nighters to get my assignments in on time. Oh well.

On Wednesday, it will almost be all over. I’ve just got a few more exams (scary, practical ones!) and the odd assignment or two and that’s it. This will really be my last week of full on panic mode. Wednesday is when I hand in my last big assignment. Not that the ones remaining aren’t full on, it’s just that I will actually have the time to do them.

I am not good at meeting deadlines. Well, I get it done but it’s probably due to the stress and anxiety. I can’t wait to be a normal person who doesn't spend her weekends locked in her room and isn’t a manic stress ball.

Today we were watching TV (it’s called a ‘study break’, mum!) and we heard this thump and I had this horrible feeling. I walked into my room and my computer had slid off the bed and landed on its side. BTW, we're talking about my brand new laptop that my mum brought for me. Luckily, it was fine. Probably because my poor wee USB stick had taken the brunt of the impact. It was shattered but was still bravely plugged in. It’s not supposed to be at right angles.


Let me remind you, this is my USB with all the giant assignments on it that I have to hand in. I almost started crying but roomies stepped in. Little USB was still flashing at me, so still working, so we put everything onto my desktop and then I got a loan of a USB from Girl Roomie.


Isn’t he the cutest?!


lowercase letters said...

my sis is studying today too {on a SATURDAYYY?! :(}... glad everything's ok with the computor and USB (and yes, it's so cute!).

p.s. giveaway!

Abigail said...

So glad you didn't lose your assignments! That's the worst feeling!!! My USB stick is in the shape of Mickey Mouse :).

sarah nicole said...

Oh my goodness - so glad it all worked out! I wonder what made it just fall? How strange.

I procrastinate like crazy, girl. Don't feel bad.



ladykate63 said...

Oh wow, scary about the computer and the USB stick; glad you were able to save all the data! (I use online backup, myself.)

And congrats on school being almost over; is that just for the semester, or are you actually DONE-done?

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Is that seriously a USB? The penguin? Is so cute! How the heck did you laptop fall over? I would have flipped out if that happened to mine. But glad everything is a-okay! :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

A Lost Feather said...

ah that happened to me every year.. i would always start out with so much motivation.. but mine only lasted about 2 days.. a month is pretty good! haha

yay for school being allllllmost finished :)