Friday, 7 October 2011

Random snippets of life

I haven't posted in a while. Been busy with stupid school stuff and it's only going to get worse. So I offer you some snapshots of my life instead.

Nilly has become an emo teenager. She blatantly ignores people when called. Sometimes I will call her and crouch down and she will walk towards me and then somewhere in the middle, she just diverts off onto an entirely different path. Her new favourite trick is to just be an emo and lie down in the middle of the floor, wherever.

This was us, studying last week. Please note in the background to the left, the blanket that I lay on the floor so that she can have something comfy to lie on in my room.


Then, because who am I kidding, I never study for long, I went and watched a movie. Instead of hopping up on the sofa next to me, she put her head under a chair, like this.


I went to Kmart TWICE this week and brought up big. I found boots for $5 and will wear them probably forever because I’m so proud of owning a pair of boots for $5!


I’ve been inspired by all your Missoni posts/obsession and so when I found this, I knew you’d be proud :) It’ll be great for summer because it’s all light and floaty. Um, it does look better on me than on the hanger. I love the crochet/lace detailing on the sleeves. AND you get to see my favourite photo of my dog which is sitting on the desk- she’s totes smiling!


Although it wasn’t all cool purchases though, I did buy a pair of shoes for work and don’t they just scream “I’M A SENSIBLE, SERIOUS NURSE”. They’re not even as comfy as they look, which bums me out.


And now I bring you to the obsession of the house at the moment. On a whim, we brought a 750 piece puzzle (because we are AWESOME!!). It is taking over every waking moment. Boy Roomie is properly obsessed aka he almost missed the train to work because he was busy on the puzzle. Yesterday we spent almost the entire evening doing the puzzle. And we don’t talk whilst we work, we sing. Usually we just repeat a line from a song over and over and over and over. And to stop it from getting boring, we’ll change up the tune, put on an unusual accent- basically make it completely different from the original line. Seriously. only us could live with us!


It’s pretty much completed now. Tomorrow is Saturday so no pesky work to get in the way of our serious puzzling. I promise to post the completed puzzle. I know you’ll be dying to see it!!


Holly said...

That shirt looks really cute! Happy weekend!

Abigail said...

I LOVE PUZZLES!!!!!!!!!!! They are the best things ever. They are so addictive/make me so obsessive. I love them.

I also adore the shirt/sweater that you got. Adorable. And your emo dog: also adorable. Even if emo.

I hope to have pictures of SOMETHING worth showing soon. I know my blog has been basically pictureless for awhile.

Janette said...

WHOOOOAAA! That puzzle is wild!

Janette, the Jongleur

Anonymous said...

omg! boot for 5 bucks... that is awesome!

Katie said...

My kitten is displaying very similar behaviour to your dog and hers is all about getting everyone's attention. When she flops down onto the floor, she makes as much noise as possible, so everyone can look and pay attention and subsequently wander over and worship her. She's so vain.

Jigsaw puzzles are so much fun and terribly addictive. I haven't really done one since I lived at home and this makes me a little sad now.

Kristy said...

What is up with Nilly? Being emo is so not cool anymore.

P.s your new top is extremely cute :)

sarah nicole said...

Adorable shirt!



ladykate63 said...

Aw, the doggy! and that puzzle looks pretty formidable. Have you ever done online jigsaw puzzles? They can be fun.

katy said...

I can't believe she actually put her head under the chair. That's a major snub.