Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday morning and I never want to leave

I woke up somewhat early and the sun was shining and I wanted to get out and explore. I have just gotten back into running and my knee is playing up so I decided to have a walk instead. It was actually really interesting to walk my usual running route. So many beautiful things I was able to stop and take a look at it and I attempted to take photos using my teeny ipod. I listened to my ‘This American Life’ podcast on my walk and it was all about adventures and exploration, so it seemed very apt.

I got to see my two favourite bird breeds while I was out.


Wish I could take credit for that picture and the next one but my wee ipod could never take something like that. The galah is probably my favourite bird ever. They feed on seed on the ground which leads to the reason why I love them so. Because they are on the ground, they walk. But they don’t just walk, they waddle. SO funny. And the macho ones have this real gangsta walk. If ever I spot a group of them feeding I have to stay and watch. If I had a pet galah, I would legit never be sad ever again.

I also came across two lorikeets as well. These birds are really cheeky and very easy to tame because they are greedy guts and will do anything for food. My granddad used to feed wild ones by hand in his backyard when I was a kid. I love watching them too because they will get into all sorts of bother in order to get their food!


A red tree being awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this tree flower before. I don’t know its name but it’s so pretty and bright.


I love getting to see this jacaranda when I go out for my run. It’s so beautiful, it always cheers me up and I love the smell as I go past. Plus, it’s really near my house so I know that my exercise is nearly over!!


This is my little friend that I see every time I go for my run. He’s always sitting outside the front of his house, basking in the early morning sun. He’s usually at the top of the driveway and when I stop to say hi, he comes running down for a pat. I love him so much and I get worried if I don’t see him straight away!

Bird stone

This is a cool marker that they have by the river. Actually as I came past this on my way back, this super cute old couple stopped to say hello. I’d seen them earlier on in my walk and the old man raised his hat to me. I hope I get to be part of a super cute old couple one day!


The words say “Because rainbows are better than grey nothingness”. This has been permanently painted onto the pavement of the little park area I walk through. I thought that it was done in chalk but nope, it’s still there. The first time I walked past it, that phrase stuck in my head all day. I love it! It’s got that kind of whimsical mysticness that I associate with fortune cookies.


Gentri said...

Gentlemen/ cute old couples, friendly cats, pretty trees, beautiful birds? What an awesome run!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! As for NaNo, just make it your goal to finish whatever is left of the 50,000 words from last time. No one will know. :P Love these pictures! Sadly, everything in New Mexico is kind of, well, desert-y and boring!

Katie said...

Galahs are completely adorable, aren't they? Well, except for the babies, who seem to make constant, incredible, ear-drum-destroying noise for a certain period of time. But once they're all grown up, they're just lovely and waddly.

Kristy said...

My aunt and uncle used to own a pet Galah called Lucky. My uncle was a bus driver and one day Lucky flew into the bus and sat on his dashboard and never left. He went everywhere with my uncle. He was adorable!! (the bird that is not my uncle...hahaha) He used to do this little jumpy dance when you talked to him. Aww cute pet flash-backs are fun.

The Presutti's said...

I loved all the photos!! Looks like a wonderful time!

katy said...

This is all just around the corner? You make me want to go out and explore my own neighbourhood. Can't believe I havent yet. I like that rainbow, very true