Monday, 10 October 2011

Introducing the very first guest blogger!!!

Well, as you know (because I talk about it every single chance I get!), school has gotten crazy in the final stretch. I still want to post things to my blog but I usually spend way too long writing stuff up, so I decided to get someone else to do it for me! Jenna was lovely enough to agree to write a guest post for me. Gentri hooked us up and we’ve quickly become BFFs with so much in common! I love the internet for introducing me to such great people- including Jenna. She’s such a sweetheart, just as animal crazy as me and I love her posts, especially Tranquillity Wednesdays!


Hey everyone! I’m so glad that the lovely Miss Laura asked me to guest post on her blog while she tries to tackle her crazy class/work schedule!

So an intro is probably in order seeing as you have no idea whose post you are reading right now!

My name is Jenna and I live in the far off universe of Jacksonville, Florida. I blog over at SewSavoirFaire Creations about a hodge podge of things that mostly focus on animals, crafts, every day inspirations, and just a day in the life of a somewhat crazy cat lady!

So stop on by and say hi, I love to meet new people, at least online :p

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I was trying to brainstorm what to share with all of Laura’s fabulous readers and because Laura and I share a love for famous boys, I thought I would jump on the cute celebrity boy train, and share with you MY celeb crushes! At least the ones on “the list” this week.

Now in no particular order of severity of crush-level here are the boys!


The bad boy vampire in The Vampire Diaries, all the Lost fans out there will recognize him from the beginning of the show. I however, prefer him as Damon, in the vampy show that is definitely one of my favorite shows!


Next up on deck -

Cam Gigandet, Twilight Fans may know him as James from the first movie, or possibly Burlesque where he played Christina Aguilera's uber cute love interest. No matter where you recognize him from...yum!


Step up to the plate Charlie Day! If you are an Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan you know this man OR from Horrible Bosses.

He is so so funny which in turn makes him crush-worthy. Plus...he is just too cute!


Numero Four -

Adam Levine, lead singer for Maroon 5, he has something about him that just screams confident and the man makes good music! Hello...Moves Like Jagger! (I'm dancing right now because now the song is in my head...great!)


Last but certainly not least -

Oh Jim...I mean John. He has it all. He's adorable, he's hilarious, he's smart...hey and he's tall. Woo hoo!


Oh well a celeb crush list isn't complete without the girl celeb crush! Since Laura and I agreed to share Zooey Deschanel, I thought I would go with my runner up celeb girlfriend.

Ta Da! Mandy Moore!

She is so effortlessly gorgeous, she's got a killer smile, and she's a really smart girl!

And let's not forget...she starred along side John Krasinski in License to Wed.


That's it! That's my Crush of today anyway...there are a lot of movies coming out soon with very cute boys that will probably be taking someone's place before too long!

Who's on your Crush List? Is there anyone that just never loses their spot on your list?

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you stop by and say hello!



Thanks Jenna… for introducing me to more celebrity guys to crush on!


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Do you know what's funny? Even though I typed my portion of this post...I still was all googly eyed looking at the photos of the boys. I looove that photo of John K. He should stop being married and go and visit you in Australia...I think it's only fair...I don't know why exactly but still it should happen. Thanks for asking me to guest post on your blog! Now go study and do school stuff! :p

Gentri said...

love it love it love it! :) Now if only I could find a crush in the real world. That'd be great.

Abigail said...

I mentioned this on Laura's crush post, but I'll say it again: Leonardo DiCaprio. "Titanic" was on recently, which just reaffirmed my undying crush. "You wanna go to a real party?" Guh! ;)

Marilyn said...

Way to go Jenna -- good line up and a nice change from animals....oh wait, they are animals now aren't they! :) hugs

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Hi Jenna! Nice to meet you! :)

I like your crush list...I think I wrote a book about my crushes on Laura's previous crush post. HA!

--Laura! Hope you're not too stressed out over school!! Thinking about you! xo

Kylee said...

OH my ! i'm obsessed with vampire diaries! My guilty pleasure right there... & damon is a freakin' babe so I don't blame you. Good choices :)

Anonymous said...

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