Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Blu Ray Tuesday #9

The movie:

The menu: Hawaiian pizza with MEDIUM base!! A step away from the usual thin base, such rebels.

Boy Roomie and I kept trying to interject lines and songs from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast into this movie, which is a modern spin on the classic. We hit a home run with the ending but our several attempts to add “Tale As Old As Time'” into the movie didn’t work as well. We kept trying though.

Um, confession time, I found this movie quite enjoyable. I’m pretty sure that the target market for this movie is 14 year old girls but I think I will always be a 14 year old girl at heart. This movie gets bonus marks for co-starring Neil Patrick Harris who is always brilliant in everything he does. He was definitely one of the things that made this movie and he stole every scene he was in. And also Mary-Kate Olsen was in this playing an ‘ugly’ witch. She just wears pale lipstick and messy hair and S&M outfits.

That doesn’t equal ugly. Oh she also plays a high school student despite being 25 and looking it. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, I’m just saying she looks 25.

A few problems: Our resident witch turns our hottie into a beast for seriously NO reason! He’s kind of a douche but as an audience, we aren’t given much to work with. We’re given a few short scenes of him being mean and we’re meant to believe that he deserves this curse. And those short scenes are interspersed with moments with him interacting with our “beauty” who he actually already likes so he’s quite sweet with her.

So when our hottie turns beastly, he’s actually not that bad. He kind of looks like a tattooed rocker and in a city like New York, there’s probably more than a few girls who would find that look pretty darn hot. I think the storyline would have been better if he lived in a small country town.

When Mr Beast is trying to find someone to love him, when he stumbles across his “beauty”, he literally stalks the crap out of her. Like for real. Super creepy. He just hides in the shadows wearing a sweatshirt with the hood up and watches her in her bedroom. KA-REEPY!!!

Recommended? All that aside, the movie is magical and ever so slightly dark, despite everyone knowing how the story will end, making it a great movie for this spooky time of year.


Danielle said...

NPH *made* that movie for me. Yes, Beast was creepy and stalkerish! I did like the rose arbour he made, though.

Abigail said...

...the stalking sounds reminiscent of Edward Cullen. Probably trying to lure in the Twilight audience (blegh). But since it co-stars NPH, I will probably check this out. I love that man!!!

Also, I got medium crust pizza the other day, too!!! I'm such a thin-crust girl, though!!!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Finally a movie I've heard of!! haha I actually have wanted to see this, so thanks for the review. I'll have to pick it up at some point.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Betsy said...

Beauty & the Beast is my absolute favorite Disney movie. I might have to give this a chance. After all, I'm pretty sure the 14-year-old me is still in there somewhere!

A Lost Feather said...

hahaha i'm totally a 14yr old at heart too.. oh well

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Beauty & the Beast is my favorite....I'll admit that I steered clear of this, because it looked a bit cheesy and I don't always like movie knock-off's. But now that you've given it a positive review I might just try it!

I love these posts!!!

sarah nicole said...

Thanks for the recommendation!