Saturday, 14 May 2011

Another update

Oh computer you are the bane of my life. I had just finished writing my update in AbiWord (because you decided a few months ago that you don’t like Word anymore) and you had a hissy fit and shut everything down. So now I have to write everything out all over again.

The reason there was no Wednesday hair update was because in a fit of uncharacteristic rebelliousness teamed with a slight cold, I said “That’s it!” and took the day off school. Even though I felt unbelievably guilty about skipping school, I think it must have been the right move because my cold disappeared the next day. Oh, it’s still there, circling, waiting for its next opportunity to strike but I’m holding it off for now. I’ve been waking up with a sore throat and going to bed with the sniffles but so far, so good- no fullblown cold.

And in other news, things with Timmy are looking up. His eye is a teensy bit infected but apart from that it’s healing nicely. But best of all, we found out that he is not a sugar glider but actually a squirrel glider and these little guys are rare and endangered. I think we’ve got a very good chance of a wildlife park taking him off our hands and letting him live with the ladies in order to boost the squirrel glider population. Isn’t that every boy’s dream??

At the moment, he’s shacking up with me after spending the week at Jess’s. He is now onto a new food source- live crickets. The things I do for the ones I love. I have to feed him by hand, and by hand, I mean tweezers. I like to put the crickets on the table in front of him and watch him at work. He’s usually chilling on the table, grooming himself, when all of a sudden his whole body goes rigid as he spots the cricket ambling along the table. He darts over to the cricket and snatches it up in his hand all in one fluid movement. It’s lovely to see sweet ‘tame’ Timmy turn into ‘hunter’ Timmy. And now because he is getting all his aggression out on the crickets, he has calmed down once more- no more biting and hating on me.

I went out and brought him a wood block (pear flavoured), a ladder for his cage and some food bowls that I can dangle from the top of his cage so that he has to think in order to eat his fruit and nuts. I am using this to ease my guilt at putting a wild animal behind bars. There’s a chance that the vet might take him but I’m crossing my fingers for a wildlife park.


Abigail said...

I hope you get pictures of Timmy! He sounds adorable!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's a good idea to stay home and look after yourself - and it seems to have worked perfectly this time!

Thanks for the update on Timmy the squirrel glider. I think you're right - he's going to love what the future has in store for him. :D