Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Day 4: The '60s Updo

Today was a much better day. I think because the sun was shining and I finally got out for a run, which even though I hate it, it does make the rest of my day better (even if it's only because the worst part of my day is over and done with!!).

I got my hair all prettied up and went to school. Although this one looks easy, I found it pretty hard to do. I don't have many hair products or actually even a hair brush (I get by with a comb) so I think I would one day like to invest in hair 'things'. I did my hair, went and made breakfast, then came back to take the photo for the blog and the hair was not in its correct place! So I had to redo it and actually by lunch, the backcombing bit of the hairstyle along with the back of my head was just a giant frizzball, so I just pinned it back normally. I also did not post photos from the back because I'm pretty sure it was a mess, so I saved your eyes from having to see that!

Then I came home and to celebrate school being finished for the day, I decided to finally catch up with the two Doctor Who episodes that I've missed. And who should be rocking my hairstyle but Miss Amy Pond! It's like we're in some weird time travel thing and she is communicating to me via hairstyles. Possible future Doctor Who storyline in the making? Stephen Moffat, if you steal this idea- I will know!! I had to include this photo because it incorporates Badger who is now in EVERYTHING!! I feel like he'll be popping up in my life next, maybe as a sardonic subsitute teacher or a dog owning client at the vet practice. I think he would own a Staffy. Ok, now I want to google stalk him and see if he owns a dog and what kind. I'm walking away from the computer...


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you this: my eye was immediately drawn to the photo when your blog came up in Google reader and I practically said out loud, Oh my goodness, that looks amazing! It's easily my favourite hairstyle so far - it suits you so well and it looks fantastic. Plus, it ended up in Doctor Who, so you know if has to be good.

Also, huzzah for a better day today!

Abigail said...

Amazing!!! I love it! You should wear your hair that way more! And wasn't that such an awesome episode??? I haven't seen the newest yet (I will tonight, hopefully!), but I'm pretty sure it'll be fantastic. I'm a big fan of #11/Amy/Rory.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, too! And yes, though I am in the States, I'm a bit of an Anglophile... :) Glad today was better!

Kristy said...

You MUST wear your hair like that all the time friend! You are looking super hot! :)

P.S. You are SOO right. Badger would definitely own a staffy. If he was trying to be a bit trendy I could imagine he would have a French Bulldog...but I think a Staffy would definitely be more Badger's style.