Saturday, 21 May 2011

In which I just vent...

After four days of sickness, I am starting to feel a lot better. All I did was work and then go to sleep, when really what I should have been doing was working on my Pathology assignment. Instead I ended up having fever dreams in which the Hawaii Five-O team were doing pathology tests on Timmy in order to solve a case but they kept messing up the tests. Cue me getting angry and yelling at Alex O'Loughlin. So then I would wake up and I'd be angry because the Five-0 team couldn't handle their specimen samples correctly and then I'd be stressed because I hadn't done any of my actual assignment, I'd just been dreaming about it.

Now thanks to fruit and many, many cold & flu tablets I am feeling so much better. My Pathology assignment is close to being done and I am off to a Greek festival today. Yummy Greek food will take my mind off all my terrible assignments and exams that are all due next week. I have a Science test on Tuesday (not that I've studied) and on Wednesday I have my Pathology stuff due, along with a Nursing theory test. I just wished they'd spread it all out a bit more because in the weeks that follow, we literally have nothing because we will have finished all the work needed to complete Semester One.

Timmy is now off my hands. I have so much desk space now I don't know what to do with it! The vet is looking after him this weekend and will see how he fits into the family. Fingers crossed :) I felt like a nervous mother entrusting my baby to someone else! I spent ages packing together all his food and toys. And then I properly sat the vet down and outlined Timmy's routine!! I think the vet was surprised and kept asking me "Are you sure you don't want to keep him??". I am sure. I will definitely miss him but I don't think I could keep him properly. The vet has promised to bring him in again so that we can see what his eye looks like once the hair has all grown back.

And now it's time to finish my Pathology assignment before heading off to the Greek festival. Baklava is calling to me. Yum! And souvlaki. YUM! (and maybe there will be cute Greek boys there too)

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Katie said...

I hope you ate lots of baklava! That stuff is amazing.

Good luck for the coming week!