Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Day 10: Twisted Braid

I was really attempting a different hairstyle but this one turned out ok. It’s pretty similar to a few others that I have tried/will try- but trust me when I say it is DIFFERENT :) My quest, my rules!

I was quite smart in class today, which was fun and a nice change of pace than the usual. I also nodded off in class. I sit underneath the air conditioner, which now blows hot air so I have a warm breeze and a droning voice to lull me off into sleep. I properly was asleep too but luckily my head didn’t slip off my hand and my teacher was standing at the back of the room so I think I got away with it.

Watched another episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ and have two new ideas for hairstyles. It all just depends on how much time I have in the morning and how awake I am. It’s hard work all this braiding business!!

Tonight it’s just me and boy roomie for Movie Tuesday. I assume we will get a B grade monster movie because girl roomie is away and we can watch trashy movies when she’s not here. Girl roomie keeps our standards high while she’s here! Poor girl roomie is stuck at work all week until about 8pm each night after starting at 8am. Poor thing!! Hopefully after this week, things will be looking up for her too.

Sidenote: My internet is broken! Which means I am posting this a day late and who knows when I will post today's hair picture... which is quite awesome. We are supposed to be getting new, fast, fancy internet tomorrow but I never trust telecommunications people so it probably won't be tomorrow.


Katie- Thanks for the love. *I'm* so glad I passed too :) That is my favourite part of the test, finding out the result (but only if it means I passed!). The suspense is definitely one of the worst parts as you wait to see how you did!

Abigail- Haha, ok, I'll stick with Downton Abbey! I really do want to dress up for the Medieval Faire but Jess doesn't want to. I do have a month to subtly work on her though :) Hmm... what to wear though?? That's the tough part.

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