Monday, 20 June 2011

Wonderful day off

Things I did today:

Finished my assignment and handed it in! That's always a good thing. Only one exam to go!

Hung out with Nilly by the heater. It was a chilly day and our house sucks and is always colder inside than the actual temperature outside. Also, please note that Nilly is the EXACT same colour as the rug. It's a pretty unfortunate coincidence. In summer, she gets trod on. A lot.

I made these cookies (thanks Gentri!!). Peanut butter smushed between Ritz crackers with melted white chocolate on them. Yum! The only downside? Getting them off that plate. They hardened and stuck to the plate. I knew it was going to happen but I didn't know that I would have to have the strength of Superman to get them unstuck. Need Superglue? Just melt white chocolate onto the problem spot and wait for it to harden. Problem solved!

Then after all that hard work(!), Nilly and I headed outside to warm up. We sat on the steps and basked in the sun. In our past lives, both Nilly and I were cats I think. I can't decide if Nilly did something good or bad to become a dog!! Obviously I messed up big time because now I'm human :)

Watched the last (for now) episode of Game of Thrones. Ending = amazing, mainly because something I'd been hoping for happened and they did it so well. Now that I have finished my assignment and am very, very nearly on holidays, I can devour the books. And yes, as always I got a new hairstyle from the show :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Monday despite the fact that it was, well, a Monday. Thank you all for your sympathy after my run-in with a bull ant last week. Apart from my friend Kristy. I mean, my ex-friend Kristy!


Kristy said...

Toughen up lovely :) jk

Kristy said...

P.S I am so totally jealous of your day off.

Katie said...

Camouflage dog is awesome! I love that she's wearing that little jumper - it's the only thing that lets us know she's in the photo in the first place.

jennifer blair said...

Mmm! Can I have one of those cookies? Haha. Your dog is so cute!