Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Double Hair Post

Day 12: The Bunony (or The Bun/Pony)

I was starting to get desperate for inspiration. And then I stumbled across youtube! People posting videos of their hairstyles and HOW TO DO THEM. Why has it taken me a month before I even thought of going to youtube? I'm certainly not the sharpest knife on the counter. Is that even a saying? If I have to ask that question, I think I just proved my point! Oh dear :)

Anyway, there is a lovely lady who does "Cute Girls Hairstyles" and she is a lifesaver! She is a mother doing her young childrens' hair for school. Clearly I am not the target market because I am not a little girl or a mum but she has some fantastic hairstyles that I can't wait to try. 'Waterfall Braid'..? yes please!!

This one is so easy and I feel like I've seen a picture of Madonna rocking this hairstyle at one point in her career so that's how I justified wearing it!

It was so easy that I have no problems incorporating it into my actual hair 'wardrobe'. Well, that is until I chop it all off.

Day 13: Asymmetric Braids

Another day, another 'Game of Thrones' hairstyle? Haha, are you sick of them yet? Better not be because I have a few more up my sleeve and the show's season is not even over.

And again, I copied this hairstyle wrong! And again, I like my version better. I also had to take about a billion photos of it from different angles. I feel a bit egotistical posting so many photos of myself, especially one involving the 'peek over your shoulder' which is usually reserved for nudie photos. But I really wanted you guys to get a good view of the hairstyle, which involves taking a lot of pictures from different angles. Also it was my first attempt at french braiding my fringe and I wanted to share the success!!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my animal posts and especially on my '52 Weeks Project' post. I'm so excited to get started!


Katie said...

Still loving the braided looks. With hair as long as yours, braids seem to be perfect.

Abigail said...

I love your hair! I wish I was good at making my hair obey me, but I typically just put it up in a messy bun. Sigh.