Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 17: Side Plait

I can't believe I've not done this look before. I did it for the initial post about the '30 for 30' hair challenge but I haven't actually worn it to school as part of the challenge. It's a very easy look, which I love, but I especially love it on days when I am running late! Especially when I am running late and there is an EXAM to do! (PS I passed!)
I only took one picture of it. *You* know what a side plait looks like, *I* know what a side plait looks like- there's no need for multiple shots.

And that's that for a couple of weeks because school is o-v-a-h for a few weeks! Well, two weeks, which means no more hair posts for a while. I'll probably actually practice a few different styles though because I am a nerd.

I got my hair trimmed this afternoon and the lady took off so much hair! My hair was wavy from being in the plait and I think that threw her and I feel like she took off way more than we agreed but of course, I didn't say anything. To make matters worse, she cut it unevenly too in the front (I can't see the back so I just have to hope it's straight!) which I didn't notice until I got home and my hair had dried a bit more. So I had to fix it and there is a reason I am not a professional hairdresser, so there's a chunk in my hair right at the front that's a bit 'special'.

BUT I'm sure I'm the only one who notices and honestly, I'm the only one who cares about my hair and studies it, so it doesn't matter. And you know what? My hair probably did need that much taken off. It's just annoying when I'm trying to grow it long for a purpose!

Katie- Thanks for the encouragement :) My arms would appreciate having the help though because it's actually really tiring braiding all that hair!!

Abigail- I started 'Game of Thrones' a while back but got sidetracked with school so I'm going to get stuck into it now I'm on holidays. It actually pained me to watch the show not having read the book! I'm such a snob when it comes to things like that. From what I've read of the book (all twenty pages!), they have stuck really, really close to the book for the TV show. I'm excited to hear what you think of the book/show.

Gentri- I can't believe you did a hair '30 for 30'... we were obviously meant to be blogging buddies!! I really want to do that 'bow' hairstyle you did on that guest post, I'll definitely give you a shout out for that one.

Rachel- Thanks for stopping by the blog and having a look at all my hairstyles! I've been surprised at how easy a lot of the styles have been... but I would definitely like an extra pair of hands most of the time!


Gentri said...

Thank you! Please do it and post pictures! I want to see! :D I love the side braid as well, unfortunately my hair's still too short. It's getting there. And congrats on passing your exam and having a break!

Katie said...

The last time I went to the hairdresser, the girl cut my hair dead straight and I was kind of hoping it would grow out a bit. It never did - it still looks stupidly straight and it just doesn't feel right. But when you're aware of imperfections with your hair, you can't help noticing them! Luckily, as you say, no-one else is paying that much attention.

Hollie said...

YES! A Game of Thrones follower!!! Thanks for your comment :)

Hollie said...

Ps-I'm on a weird computer and it won't show the google friend connect box so I can't follow but I will later!!