Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 16: Final Khaleesi Hairstyle

Well, Game of Thrones is over for now so I'm going to have to look elsewhere for my hair inspiration over the next few weeks. I'll have to go crawling back to Camelot for some hairstyles! This is what Daenerys, the khaleesi, wears in her final scenes for this season. It's basically a variation on her normal hairstyle and some may say doesn't really count as a new hairstyle. But it's *my* '30 for 30' and I say it's new :)

Speaking of which, I can't believe I haven't said this yet but I am (just!) over halfway with this challenge. I think I'd like to do the challenge again when I've got short hair and get a good idea at what hairstyles are out there for short hair cuts.

And surprise, surprise... this one didn't come out according to plan. That's it- I'm roping in the khaleesi's maids for help next time!

I really need to get eyes in the back of my head. I was trying to be too clever and didn't secure the first 'circle' of braids around my head so by the time I'd finished the other braids, the first set had drooped and sort of got lost in the rest of the braid down the bottom. When in doubt, use a hair elastic! I want to try this look again on Thursday as a shout out to my fellow Game of Thrones-er at work so we'll see how it goes. I'll post pictures if I remember to take them.

This is a two-fer. You get the side view AND the back of the hairstyle all in one glorious picture! AND you also get to see the tag sticking out of my sweatshirt. What more could you want from a single picture???

And this is me attempting to look wistful and dramatic a la Daenerys. I'm mourning the end of the show. You're completely right- I should not take up acting :)

Kristy- You are on holidays! Enjoy your days off... unless you got roped into vacation care??

Katie- You really can't see the dog unless she's wearing her little jumper. She is so perfectly camoflagued. She really does get trodden on in the summer, lucky she's a good natured thing!

Jennifer- You're more than welcome to a cookie! You can also follow the link on the post to the recipe. Seems like you had a lovely weekend too!


Katie said...

It would be so much easier if you had people on hand to do your hair. Imagine how much time it would save! I still think you're doing a pretty good job with your hairstyles, though - they're always fun to see.

Abigail said...

My "Game of Thrones" book arrived two days ago and I'm planning on starting it Thursday! After it has been read I will watch the show :).

Gentri said...

kinda funny that you did a 30 for 30 hair version. I did too back in january. :) I just posted some of my favorite hairdo's again on a guest post I did over at the sloanbook. :D

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

So many hair styles! I love it! I could never do this to my hair... I'd have to have someone do it for me haha