Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 15: Sansa Joust Hair (but not)

Today I attempted another Game of Thrones hairstyle. This is what Sansa wears when she goes and sees the jousting. If you don't remember the hairstyle, it's either because you were distracted by the part where a horse gets decapitated or you don't watch the show.

You guys, I was really ready this time. I had studied the screencaps I took of her hair, I found a fantastic online tutorial that guided me through the process step by step, I even got up half an hour earlier than usual so that I wouldn't be rushed. But due to the fact that I don't have eyes in the back of my head, I failed. Here is my attempt.
I just couldn't get those buns pinned evenly. You know me- normally I wouldn't care but today for some reason I did. Also on a sidenote, how cool does my pony tail look? I don't know how I did it, otherwise I would totally recreate that look!

I waited around a bit because I knew girl roomie had the day off and maybe she could give me a hand, but if I was her I would use my day off to sleep in and seems like she had the same idea. So I decided to try and work with what I got.

I had literally just put the last pin in place when girl roomie appeared!! Never mind, this is more fun and I did it by myself, whereas I think it might have been cheating if I'd gotten help. There was this whole other braided thing I was going to do with the loose bits at the front as part of the original design but that went to waste when I had to say goodbye to the original design. I was going to leave them loose for a fun, fresh twist on a Medieval hairstyle, like so. But they got annoying so I just tucked them behind my ears.

And now to the fun part, the back!

And in other news, look who got a new winter jacket today???


Katie said...

Oh wow, that looks amazing!

Abigail said...

Beautiful hair, adorable puppy.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...


I was really really disturbed by that episode. I couldn't get the horse decapitation out of my mind. :(

Kristy said...

Your hair is amazing! You have some serious talent girl :)

P.s Nilly Billy is adorable! I was at Big W today and I saw a knitting book with clothes for dogs. There were a few patterns that were for matching owner/dog jumpers. There was even a tux jumper. I almost bought it for Keiran.