Friday, 3 June 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I want a pet so bad! I thought working with animals would ease my need for a pet because I'm working with them all day, but it's making it worse. Nilly just isn't cutting it, sorry baby. She's lovely and all but she's really boy roomie's dog and her allegiance lies with him. Apart from that morning this week when she scratched at my door at 7 am because boy roomie had gotten into the shower and she was cold so she wanted to hop into my bed! It was kinda chilly so I understand where she was coming from.

So now it's going to be a trip down memory lane. For about a year and a bit, I fostered animals through the Animal Welfare League. Getting to look after these little guys was what really made me believe that I could maybe do this sort of thing as a job. I'm not in a position to get a pet any time soon so I will have to turn to my memories to keep me company.

With the weather getting colder, my mind heads towards felines so that I can have a cute kitty to snuggle up to. I've had a whole heap of cats to look after. My first ever brush with kittens and actually cats in general was with my 'Presidential Boys': Thomas Jefferson and George Washington? I seriously miss TJ so much. He was such a little character. But George was the one who would help me out with my Bible reading. It's such a tough life being a kitten!
Then there was River, who taught me that love can really change a person (and/or cat). She was completely ferral when I first had her and she became such a loving sweet kitten.

Or PussCat, who taught me that I could love again after my heart got smushed when I wasn't allowed to keep River
Or my 'ginga ninja' twins, who taught me that even when you're really sick, you can always still be doing stuff. Incidentally, this is my favourite cat picture of all time... if you can spot the cat.
Or Pedro, who remains the benchmark that my actual future cat must try and live up to. Seriously, this dude was the bomb. He was chatty and loved nothing more than kicking back, watching some TV and sharing a packet of potato chips with me. He also remains the most handsome cat I've ever seen with beautiful light blue eyes.
Or my 'children': Mario, Starbuck and Teeny(Weeny Bo Beeny), who taught me that three children is an awful lot all at once! If I ever do have real children, I will be spacing those suckers out!!!

Rocky and Other One showed me that it doesn't matter what species you are... 'Doctor Who' is a fun show to watch. Even if you can never quite catch the Tardis during the opening credits, there's always next time :)Latif was the cat that I came home to every day when my mum was sick in hospital and cuddling him while he purred at the end of the day helped me to know that everything would be alright in the end

Elbie who showed me that even if you look like a villain (look at his little 'evil villain' goatee), you can be the biggest sweetheart
And my final boy, Timmy. Who gave me closure over River and turned everything full circle.

And who also showed me that it's always fun to play practical jokes.

And probably because no one has stuck with me throughout this whole post, I'll save my doggy foster animals til tomorrow!


Abigail said...

Awww you have had so many cats! And yes, I spotted the cat clinging to the doorway! :) I currently have Sphinx and it's getting to be a bit of trouble figuring out what to do with him between all of my moves and my parents moves. And trying to find cat-friendly housing in Seattle is challenging.

Gentri said...

Animals are one of the few things that make me cry. I just love them! Thanks so much for your comment and joining my little bloggy community!! Following! :)

Katie said...

Naaaw, so my kitties! I laughed so hard at the one on the flywire door.

Katie said...

Err, "so many kitties" is what I meant to write there.

Kristy said...

Aw it was so nice to read about your foster kitties. I remember playing with every single one of them.

You know that if you ever need a cat cuddle your adoptive daughters (Paris and Audrey and now Princess) are always here. Just a short (hahaha hours) drive away xx