Saturday, 18 June 2011

Vet Nurse Chronicles Part 47362846284

It's been a busy two days with work. I really struggled with the sad aspect of the job this week.

There was an older dog who just had the most gorgeous nature. He wasn't too old, around ten, and had come in for a dental. We need to put animals under anaesthetic for dental procedures and because of his age, we ran blood tests to make sure his body would be able to handle the drugs. Some of his results came back a bit wonky (that's a VERY technical medical term... wouldn't expect you guys to understand it, lol!) so an ultrasound was performed and he has a tumour mass inside. So sad, the little guy just came in for a dental and now his prognosis isn't very good.

And yesterday, these customers came in with their dog and they were... not rude, but just very short and clipped with their answers. It was as if me asking the essential questions that I needed to ask was too much trouble for them to answer. That put me in a bad mood because it's really not hard to be pleasant when answering questions so after they went in, I went out into the back room to clean stuff. Because apparently I am a 1950s housewife and cleaning helps to soothe me! Unfortunately that only applies when I am at work :)

A few minutes later, Jess came in to get the drugs needed to put an animal to sleep. And that changed my whole perspective on things. These people weren't being rude to me on purpose, they were just obviously upset about the fact that they knew in their minds that they wouldn't be going home with their dog and didn't feel like engaging in small talk with me. There was nothing in the notes to tip me off to that fact that this appointment would end in euthanasia. I felt awful for thinking poorly of them. This was a big reminder to me that I need to be very aware that there are two sides to every story and not everything is about me and I must NOT judge!

In good news, I got to see my favourite patient, Max. He is a gorgeous Staffy and is my favourite patient because his very first appointment as a new little puppy was on my very first day. He has ended up with some skin problems so as a result, he has been coming in very frequently and I have gotten to see this little guy grow up from a teeny tiny puppy to nice young lad! He's still got some growing to do but his skin problems have cleared up and here's hoping I won't see him again for a very long time!

And we had the funniest cat in as well. As soon as I walked in, it started miaowing at me. And it was a Siamese cat and they have the weirdest miaow in the world. It sounds evil to me, like a normal cat's warning miaow that they give just before the attack you. In a Siamese cat, that's just their general, friendly 'hello'. So I was joking that he was evil, even though he was a total sweetie and would come up to the front of the cage for cuddles. And we had to run some blood tests and we assign the animal's numbers to enter into the computer and by random, this cat's number was 666! And I was laughing about it and went over to his file to see what his surname was and it was Moriarty- who was the arch nemesis in Sherlock Holmes! That's it- the cat is a secret evil genius :)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!

Katie- Thanks as always for your lovely comments! I was quite pleased with how my hair ended up too.

Abigail- Thanks! Nilly does look very cute in her jumper... however she has now worked out how to get out of it which she does regularly :(

Ashley- Thanks for commenting, I love your blog, I'm so happy you've started following mine! Yes, Game of Thrones likes to be very shocking but I am addicted to it!

Kristy- Um... you NEED to get Keiran that book, stat!! Or buy him a matching jumper to go with Nilly's.

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Katie said...

The story about the Siamese cat is just too fantastic for words. I love that his name turned out to be Moriarty! Wonderful.