Sunday, 19 June 2011

Project 52: two

It's almost ten years to the day that I moved to Australia.
I switched rain for sun
but there were plenty of negatives too.

snakes & spiders

crocs & cockroaches

sharks & jellyfish

I spent the first six months religiously checking inside my shoes before slipping them on
I've spent ten years not swimming in the ocean

This week, my luck ran out.
I had a brush with one of the nasties- one, may I add, that I was in no way warned about.
I was unprepared
for the terrifying, the fear inducing

... ant

The pain was excruciating,
breath-taking (<-- see what I did there??)
And as I fumbled in my shirt to see what had bitten me,
it bit me again.
I shook it out of my shirt
and as I lifted my foot to exact my revenge
it scuttled down a crack in the pavement.

Please note: this photo was taken four days after the terrible incident. SO SO painful! Everyone was like "meh, it's just an ant bite, deal with it". No sympathy whatsoever!


Kristy said...

Ouch! Ant bites are so painful. Although...I'm sure I wouldn't have given you any sympathy either. Sorry friend :( I would have told you to ice it and then deal with it. Aww see how awesome a friend I am? :)

Katie said...

Ow! What sort of ant was it?

Abigail said...

OUCH! Hope it gets better soon!

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