Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Productive Day Today??

I read this article a few days ago and the title is “How to move forward, even when your brain hates you”.  I’ve been feeling a bit blargh recently.  At work, I don’t have two days off together.  I originally loved that idea, having my days off spread around, but now- it’s hard, guys!!  The weekend is a great chance to have one day off to chill and one day off to do all your chores.  With just the one day off, it’s hard to actually DO things.  Work has been so stressful that I have wanted to do absolutely nothing on my days off, which means I have had about four weeks of not getting anything accomplished on my days off which has led to an unhappy Laura.

One part of the article suggested making something so that even if you’re feeling crap, you can do something and have something to show for it.  I liked that idea and have had a few recipe ideas saved that I wanted to try out so I thought this would be a good chance to go for it.

I realised that this would make an excellent blog post.  I was like “wow, everyone’s gonna be so jealous of my amazing food that I made”.  However, the food had other plans.  I’m usually quite good at cooking but today, not so much…

Exhibit A


Sweet potato fries with avocado dip. 

More like charcoal fries with avocado dip.  I only ended up eating about half because it really was like eating charcoal.  In my defence, I’m house sitting and using an unfamiliar oven.  The dip looks gross but was freaking amazing!  Half an avocado, some cottage cheese and a dash of lime juice.  YUM!!  So that kinda made up for it.

Exhibit B

Next up were Nanaimo bars.  These are a Canadian treat that I discovered a few years ago thanks to a Canadian friend.  They are the BEST.  Like, the BEST!!  They might actually be my favourite sweet thing ever.

They’re supposed to look like this:


(Via here)

Mine however came out like this…


And that was the best square I had!  Every layer just went wrong.  However, the middle layer (which is basically icing sugar, butter and a dash of custard powder) still tastes AMAZING and is what sets the treat apart so I guess it’s ok.  I had wanted to take it into work with me, but it’s so embarrassing I don’t think I will!  It’s not so much that it looks so crummy, it also doesn’t taste as good as it should.  It’s about a 6/10 and Nanaimo bars are normally a 11/10 so like, it’s good but not great.  Plus the base just falls apart when you take the first bite. 

So I made stuff, but it didn’t go well.  Not sure what that says about me but at least I did stuff.

No word of a lie, as I typed that last sentence that was supposed to be the conclusion, I realised that I did NOT do my washing which includes the clothes I need to wear tomorrow for work!  Oh dear…


Sarah said...

I love mixing ricotta cheese in my guacamole! Sorry about your one day off situation, that sounds stressful.

Abigail said...

The dip sounds amazing! And your bars don't look that bad at all! Trust me, I had some doozie recipes this summer at work-- things that really, really did not turn out as they should. Like, I ended up with very lumpy carrots and cream-- looked and tasted disgusting.

Try, try again!!!

And sorry about the days off thing, it really doesn't sound pleasant.

Layla Simons said...

looks and sounds AMAZING!