Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blu Ray Tuesday # 21

The movie:

The menu: Boy Roomie made fancy dinner because it was Girl Roomie’s birthday!

This movie was a load of codswallop.  The plot was ridiculously hard to understand.  I could only barely understand it because I used to be obsessed with ‘Shakespeare in Love’, will probably always be obsessed with Queen Elizabeth I and have more than a passing interest in Shakespeare himself.  Also (and possibly most damning in my eyes) there were NO attractive men in the entire movie.  The main dude was supposed to be charming and brilliant but was played by the guy who was Hugh Grant’s scruffy roommate in ‘Notting Hill’. I spent most of the movie with my iphone in my hand, trying to google what did and didn’t actually happen and harrumphing over it all.

I don’t have any personal problems with the filmmakers suggesting Shakespeare didn’t write his plays.  I love a good conspiracy theory.  It’s just that this movie was so convoluted, so blatantly trying to be the cleverest person in the room.  I was probably more offended with the idea that Elizabeth (the ‘virgin’ Queen) was off having illegitimate children left right and centre!  Affairs, yes.  Children, no.

The only bright spark was William Shakespeare himself who the movie portrayed as an opportunistic illiterate drunk who easily steals every scene he was in.  The actor played his lines as if he were in a comedy… I wish I could have seen *that* movie.  Oh and props also go to the two actresses who played Elizabeth I.  I love a good Elizabeth and this movie had two!

Recommended?: No.  It is two hours and ten minutes.  Just… no.  Unless you are Abigail who I think might get a kick out of it :)


Janette said...

I hate when movies are confusing... I've always been interested in Shakespeare's authenticity and authorship.. but have never heard the arguments for or against it.. Shall skip the movie and google instead! Thanks for the headsup!

Janette, the Jongleur

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Aww...that's too bad! When I saw the previews and thought it looked like it could be good. But not one attractive thanks :p

PS - I'll email you back soon about the guest post and what not...promise!

Abigail said...

NOOO!!!!! I actually haven't seen this movie, but I'm considering it just purely to denounce its every move. I am sooo a Stratfordian (believing Shakespeare wrote his plays) it isn't even funny. I actually gave my Shakespeare lecture last autumn the day the film came out in the USA and told my students why everything it proposed was bollocks... clearly I am passionate about this subject :). I mean, seriously... ok ok. I'll stop. But Shakespeare wrote his plays. I PROMISE.

Also, if you're going to make a (very fictional) movie set in the late sixteenth century, attractive men are a must. What other point is there?

Also also-- will get a guest post to you and reply to your e-mail hopefully tomorrow (Thursday evening, my time).