Saturday, 3 March 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge (con.) Pt 2!

February is over and I’m still posting this challenge.  I’ll just do a giant picture post and then I’ll be finished!  Whilst I did enjoy taking photos and what not, I’m having a break over March.  April though?  I’ll be back!!

Day 22: A fave photo of you

fave pictue

This was actually Day 21, oops.  I never posted it because I couldn’t be bothered to look through old pictures.  I love this picture of me and “King Henry VIII” at Hampton Court in England.  I love the Tudors (both the historical personages and the TV show!) and I absolutely died of over exposure to awesomeness when I rounded a corner in the palace and was faced with King Henry himself.  I totally pushed some nice American old ladies out of the way to score this photo.  In true Henry fashion, he totally flirted with me and I giggled.  I also have a feeling that I curtseyed to him!

Also, random fact-  The guy in the background was supposed to be Thomas Cromwell (advisor to Henry) and who I am distantly related to.

Day 23: Your shoes

Day 23

Literally falling apart!  I went to buy new ones but they didn’t have my size!

Day 24: Inside your bathroom cabinet

Day 24

I tried to use a cool filter to make it seem more interesting.

Day 25: Green

Day 25

Old picture but I love how this filter makes only her green eyes visible.  And bonus points for the green skirt hanging over my chair!

Day 26: Night

I was going to take a picture of the night sky and literally have a black square, but I forgot.  So just picture it in your minds.

Day 27: Something you ate

Day 27

This was an epic fail quiche that I made.  And to add insult to injury, only two days later Girl Roomie made the best, most beautiful quiche in the world!  I couldn’t even be mad because her quiche tasted SO good!!

Day 28: Money

Day 28

Australian money.  So bright and colourful!!  I love how they are different colours so you can easily spot the note you need in your wallet. 

Day 29: Something you are listening to

Day 29

I love me some podcasts!  And this is my new favourite.  And there are tons of old episodes for me to download.  If you like This American Life, you will definitely like this.

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