Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Guest Post: Blu Ray Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and we know what that means… Blu Ray Tuesday!!  My lovely friend Abigail decided she didn’t want us to go without a movie review on Tuesday so here’s one she prepared earlier :)


Hello everyone! My name is Abigail and I blog over at Abigail and the Great World. Laura and I started following each others blogs nearly a year ago, and I’m so glad we did! I’ve had so much fun reading her posts and becoming her friend. The internet can be really amazing sometimes.

If you read Laura’s blog, you’ll know that almost every week she does a “Blu-Ray Tuesday” film review. Sometimes the films are fantastic, and sometimes they are so bad they become good. So, while she’s off enjoying a beach vacation, I thought I would fill in for her with a review of Walt Disney’s The Three Caballeros—a film which fits into the latter category.

Three Caballeros

The Three Caballeros (1945) stars Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles (for the record, Pistoles is not a word in Spanish). The film starts out as a compilation of vignettes, but half-way through becomes a psychedelic nightmare of Mexico. After an initial short about a penguin sailing to the Galapagos Islands, followed by a strange short featuring a little boy and his flying donkey (which ends with the little boy saying “And I was never heard from again”), the film introduces Panchito. With José Carioca and Donald Duck, Panchito creates the Mexican-style mariachi band “The Three Caballeros.” Combining live-action footage with cel animation (a style associated with the film Mary Poppins), the remainder of the film focuses on Donald’s incredibly “creepy old man”-style attempts to win the affection of famous Mexican singers Carmen Molina and Dora Luz. Somehow, the film goes crazy, and the singers shape-shift into flowers with their faces in the middle. Donald turns entirely pink, starts floating in the air, and attempts to kiss the flower-faces. As he gets close, out of the flower-faces burst Panchito and José Carioca, guns ablaze! The film ends with Donald in a bull-shaped piñata running at matador Panchito before finally concluding with the Three Caballeros singing their theme song together. The film also stars Brazilian singer Aurora Miranda in a strange samba number. Unsurprisingly, Donald also tries to hook up with her.

Recommended?: If you like trippy films, especially trippy Disney films, then definitely yes. Near the end, you may find yourself wondering where the past hour and twenty minutes of your life went, but you will never again lack for an ice-breaking conversation starter. I would suggest making margaritas before watching this one, though.

Thanks for letting me guest post, Laura! Hope you’re having a fantastic holiday!


Haha, as much as I love Disney, maybe I don’t need to be checking that movie out.  Thanks for the heads up :)


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

haha! I always found that movie a bit odd. :) Definitely not on my top Disney faves list.

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