Thursday, 18 October 2012

Blu Ray Thursday #4

The movie: Like Crazy

Girl Roomie and I have been dying to see this movie.  It’s a story about an American guy and an English girl who fall in love when she is studying in America and their trials during a long distance relationship.
It was SUCH a hipster movie.  Sorry if it is your favourite movie but it wasn’t for me.  The leads were really good and genuinely likable   And Alex Kingston and Jennifer Lawrence were in it (two of my fave ladies!) but it just didn’t GO anywhere.  And I guess that was the whole point of it.  Love isn’t like what we see in the movies, you have to work to make it work.  The dialogue was as banal as conversations in every day life, which again I think was a conscious effort on the movie’s behalf but I have to live with stuff like that everyday.  I want my characters to be witty and insightful, coz I use movies as escapism.  I feel bad ragging on an indie movie, especially because I’m sure a movie like that must have some hardcore fans.

Recommended?: “Like Crazy”?  Like crazy boring.



Abigail said...

I saw the trailer for this one, but never saw the movie. I actually forgot it existed until just now. Guess the trailer wasn't that thrilling either.

katy said...

Yes, this one was pretty awful. What a shame, so much potential!
So what is with male leads having furniture design aspirations...?