Monday, 1 October 2012

Hello again…

I just can’t seem to get a hang on this blogging business again.  I feel like every blog post starts with me saying “sorry I’ve been away again”.

I have been a bit busy these past few weeks with pet sitting.  It means odd hours and a slim to none chance of using the internet but it does boost my bank balance a little.

Because I have been so busy with work, I haven’t actually had Thursdays off.  So no new BRT for you.  Although the last Thursday I had off, I watched ‘Public Enemies’.  Don’t bother. 

I have been falling in love with my little pets that I’ve been looking after.  This is Jeffrey.  I just finished house sitting with him and two other dogs.  He is the cutest.  And the snuggliest!  This is how we go to sleep :)

This is Fudge.  I was house sitting for him and his bro Cino.  Just popping in twice a day to feed them.
Fudge disappeared for five days.  He needed insulin injections twice a day.  I called the council to register him as missing.  I put up an online poster for him with the RSPCA.  I phoned around local vets, animal shelters and pet emergency centres- all to no avail.  The owners weren’t worried that he was gone, stating that sometimes he would go into hiding.  Then they came home… and he still didn’t appear.  They came to me at work, saying that now… now they were more than a little concerned.  And then the next day, the little toerag just saunters up to his owners as if he hadn’t been missing.

So that was really stressful.  I spent a lot of time alternating between crying and walking around the neighbourhood, calling for the cat.

And so because I have been so busy, my mum suggested that maybe Millie might be happier at her place.  Somewhere where Millie wouldn’t have to worry about dogs or what time I came home at- if I even came home at all.  And so my antisocial little angel has gone to live with my mother… and has never been so happy!!  She LOVES my mum!  They keep each other company and she gets to lounge around my mum’s house and basically be the boss.


Abigail said...

Fudge is adorable, and I'm very sorry he caused you so much worry. So sorry that you don't have Millie around anymore, but so happy she and your mom get along so well!!!

Katie said...

So many kitties! I highly approve of this.