Saturday, 26 January 2013

Update 2.0

Most recently, I got my first real vet nurse wound.  I would take a picture but it’s sadly not that impressive.  It just looks like a hangnail.  Which is a shame because it REALLY hurt at the time and quite frankly, my finger still hurts.  It was my own stupid fault.  I was trying to get this cat to take a tablet and I should have gotten him out of his cage but I was rushing and so I thought I’d leave him in the cage..  Because I didn’t have as much room to manoeuvre, I couldn’t get my finger out of the cat’s mouth quick enough once I’d put the tablet in his mouth and he crunched down on my finger. Ugh, I can still hear the crunch noise it made!  The cat wasn’t being mean, it just shut its mouth, and my finger happened to be in the way.  I was quite proud that I didn’t cry.  Even though I really wanted to!

Work is about to get super crazy.  My beloved Jess is leaving in two weeks to go back to uni to become a vet and while we’re waiting for someone to fill in, I’ll be working 45 hours a week!  Ouch.  So I will probably be around even less.  So basically I guess I won’t be around at all.

Here is a picture of ponies in cardigans to end on a happy note.

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Abigail said...

I absolutely adore that photo. And I can't wait to hear about THE SHIRE! AHHH!!! Also, I'll send you an e-mail soon.