Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday Night Trivia

This is a semi-regular thing that the Roomies and I have been participating in at our local RSL club. It’s mainly for middle-aged people but we like it because we are all middle-aged women at heart… even Boy Roomie.

There are several rounds and between the three of us, we have collected enough random information to do pretty darn well. Each round consists of ten questions and if you get all ten questions correct, one team member from each winning team has to go up to the front and participate in a series of sudden death questions. If you make it through the sudden death ‘true or false’ questions, you then get to spin a wheel, like on ‘The Price is Right’ and the team who gets closest to 100 wins $25. Wow, that sounds complicated but it works.

We even have our own arch nemesis team, a team made up of two girls who are about our own age and seem like nice people from what I’ve seen when I try and spy on them. In fact, we should probably team up with them and make a united stronger team against the rest of the oldies. However they are our arch nemesises because on their first night they lucked out and won $50- and for that, I can never forgive them.

Our team name is either “Let’s Get Trivial” (we love a good pun and just shows why I love living with Girl Roomie when she makes up cool names like that!) or “That’s What She Said” (because we are 12 year old boys who still find that funny). We’ve gotten ten out of ten right on several occasions but find it hard to get that elusive $25.

We did get $25 though, one magical night. We’d been doing really badly all night, getting 6/10 for most rounds. We wanted to go home, we couldn’t even be bothered to stay for the last two rounds. But then the last two rounds were something like “Lucky Dip” and “Movies & TV” so we decided to stay. We got 100% for both rounds but failed to make it through the sudden death until the last round. For some reason, I’m the team member that gets nominated to go up and play (thanks guys!). The question was something weird like “An oyster has a row of eyes on the outside of its shell” and I was up against all these old men who were from the teams that always win every week. I decided to go with “true” but all the other teams said that it was “false”. I was like “aw…” because I assumed I’d gotten our team knocked out and then the announcer said “congratulations” to ME! And handed me a voucher for $25. And then I did a little victory dance that made everyone laugh at me. I couldn’t help it, it was a spontaneous outpouring of joy!

Oh, also we love it because the food and drinks are cheap and you get a free pancake with your meal.


Katie said...

Wow, I don't know what happened with your blog post, but it comes with bonus characters and numbers now...

Laura Elizabeth said...

Fixed it. Thanks for the heads up, Katie!

Abigail said...

That is so awesome! Congrats on the $25! Also-- what are pancakes like to you? Are they soft and fluffy and a bit thick, or are they more like French crepes? Just wondering.

Also, I have two of three little things assembled to send to you. The only thing missing is the candy, thanks to stupid West Coastness. I am thinking of getting you a candy that is basically the candy I wanted to send you but in one giant form instead of a bunch of little forms, or maybe sending you something entirely different. Or both. ::cryptic::

Katie said...

Huzzah for your trivia success! We tried to play trivia on the Cruise of Awesome this year, but it turned out we were completely rubbish at it. So on the second last day, we decided to go into the group Pictionary game and we WIPED THE FLOOR with the other teams. Seriously, no-one was even close to us. Alas, all we won were bottle openers on keychains.

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

A free pancake?? I'm in. I would like to be the 4th on your team. You should Skype me in. Hahaha...that would be interesting.

Yay for the $25 voucher! Great job! I can picture the group of old men grimacing at your victory.

PS - I'll respond to your email by Wednesday afternoon!