Friday, 2 December 2011

Work fun

I feel like I haven't talked about work in the longest time and today's the perfect opportunity to do so. My boss called me yesterday and left a voicemail message that went something like this: “Hi Laura, I’ve just looked at our schedule for tomorrow and it looks a bit crazy. Was hoping you could come in a bit earlier, say ten am… or nine. Hope that’s ok. See you tomorrow at ten! Or nine”. Needless to say, I turned up at nine because I am a sucker and I actually do love my job.

When you de-sex a dog or cat, you have to place a tattoo on the inside of their ear. It’s my FAVOURITE thing to do. I love doing it so much, I always tell my work colleagues that I’m leaving them and going to open up my own tattoo parlour. You just apply the dye to the ear and scrunch (that’s a VERY medical term) the tattoo press to the ear, kind of like doing earrings I guess. I applied the dye to the ear and was so intent on getting the dog’s hair out of the way that I didn’t notice my own hair getting in the way. So my fringe has black streaks in it. I've brushed my hair several times and you can’t really see it anymore, phew!

It was so busy and we all went a little stir-crazy, including one of the patients. In addition to howling for almost the entire day, this little madam used her Elizabethan collar to rattle the bars of her cage, like in the old movies where the prisoners rattle the bars of their cell using a coffee mug. If it hadn’t been so annoying, it would have been funny. She just sat there, deliberately running her collar along the bars to rattle them.

I was glad when it was home time, I can tell you that!! Anyone got any fun work stories to add in the comments?


Katie said...

It is so fantastic that you've found a job you love! It makes me happy to hear about it. Possibly my favourite work story involves making a life-size cut-out of a colleague at a previous workplace. We sat it at her desk when she was away on Wednesdays and it fooled a lot of people, even in bright daylight. One day, I forgot to take it down and a cleaner came in after hours and had quite the conversation with the cut-out and grew a little annoyed when she refused to answer.

Maybe my new workplace will be open to the idea of life-size cardboard cut-outs...

Abigail said...

Hahaha those are great stories! I especially love the tattooing. What is an Elizabethan collar, because right now I'm just picturing a dog in a Tudor dress (yes, dress included) with a bunch of frills. Is it the thing they put on dogs to keep them from touching their heads after surgery? Like the little white cone things around the neck? I wish I loved my job as much-- mostly right now I'm just stressed out. Two weeks then Disney World!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Whew! Bet you're glad that busy day is over. ;) How funny that the dog knew how to rattle the bars, maybe she was an old jailbird. ;) Here's to a relaxing weekend for you! xo