Monday, 12 December 2011

Skype Missed Connections

I’m currently sitting waiting for my friend Shelly to talk to me on Skype and I thought I’d take a moment and write about her- because I probably won't get to speak to her. There was a little mix up due to time differences because I didn’t realise that I was one hour behind her, so (in my head anyway) she thinks that I’m an hour late. It’s showing that she’s still logged into Skype but she hasn’t answered my calls or messages. And I’ve left a message on facebook and one on her phone too. But no answer. So I feel like she must think that I’ve forgotten her!

Shelly is one of my best friends. She’s a year older than me and is kind of the cool big sister I always wanted. We met in college and lived in the same dorms. I desperately wanted to be BFFs with her as she was already doing one of the same degrees that I was doing (ancient history) but I bided my time until I was a cool second year and then made my move. She always knows what to say and do which means she’s great in a crisis or if you need advice. We even spent six weeks travelling together and I know I cried like a baby when she left to go home and I stayed on.

But now we live in different states and I miss not being able to go over to her room in the dorms and stay up late watching movies or reading books aloud to each other. AND she is a grown up and just got engaged!! Here is a collection of photos that sum up our friendship pretty well.


This is us recreating a scene from ‘Highlander’. The castle was used in exterior shots in the movie. This is why I take Shelly with me when I can, she asked a random lady to take this embarrassing super cool photo of us.


This is Shelly trying to take a FB profile picture of herself and the gorgeous Scottish countryside. I decided to photobomb her. She couldn’t stop laughing when she turned the camera around and saw the picture that she’d snapped.


This is Shelly scolding the British Museum for stealing the frieze on the Parthenon in the early days of archaeology and then not giving it back to Greece when they asked for it. I am doing my “I’m so disappointed in you” face that I intend to use on my future children.

I can’t believe in this day and age that technology is keeping us apart! Maybe I should write her a letter instead?

What shenanigans do you get up to with your friends? And who's your oldest friend that you still keep in contact with?


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Awww! What great photos! Not fair...I wanna travel for 6 weeks with you! I've been on the grand Earth for 27 years now (ouch!) and I can't say that I have a friend that has been tried and true for any large part of the 27 years. Most people quickly realize that I am nutty and I have a tendency to be just a little more "off kilter" than they can handle. Haters. Or they don't "get" me...I have that effect on people. :p
So I'm gonna choose you as (whether you like it or not!) my oldest and most fabulous friend. :p

Abigail said...

Adorable photos! I would have to say that my bff from college is Kay, but yes, now we live in different states and I never get to see her. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding over the summer, though, and I get to see her over Christmas! My bff from forever ago that I still talk to/who is still my bff is Emily-- who also lives really far away-- but we still manage to see each other once a year or so.

Your present is wrapped and going in the mail today!!!

Janette said...

WOW! Such beautiful places you've been! Besties are the best! Haha!

Janette, the Jongleur

Katie said...

Those photos are fantastic! Everyone needs some friends who are happy to pose in COMPLETELY AWESOME pictures with them. :D I hope you eventually got to speak with your friend.