Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It’s Cupcake Time

On Monday, it was the RSPCA’s Cupcake Day.  At work we decided to make cupcakes to sell to help the cause.  Fighting animal cruelty by getting to eat cupcakes?  I’m down with that.

Honestly it wasn’t the greatest success for our little workplace but secretly I’m happy because it means we had a ton of cupcakes left over.  And guess who gets to eat them all?  This girl!  I ate four cupcakes today.  And honestly, I’ll probably eat the same amount tomorrow.  I can’t help it.

Sorry if you’re my friend on Instagram because you’ve already seen all these pics.

I started baking at 9pm the night before.  Of course!  And I was trying a new recipe.  Apparently I like to live by the seat of my pants.

They came out a lot smaller than I was expecting but they tasted amazing, so that was ok.  Then I went to bed and the next day, completed the project.

LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS?!?!?!?!?!?

For my first attempt at making cupcakes, I’m very impressed with myself!  And my decorating came out pretty good too.


Abigail said...

I love the final picture! So cute with the teddy graham on it!!! I will e-mail you back soon!

Katie said...

That cupcake looks completely amazing! It's a delicious work of art.

Claire said...

Aww! Very cute!