Thursday, 24 November 2011

Birthday times

Seriously, for someone who hates birthdays and parties, I do go on about them a lot.

I am having a super special awesome and exciting birthday/graduation party on Friday night. Me, socially awkward Laura not only going to a party but HOSTING a party. I know. I think hell just froze over. Luckily I have two super cool roomies who like parties and people and will make having a party in our house not a weird experience.

The food = awesome.

The decorations = awesome.

The theme = awesome.

The theme is Hawaii. We kind of ran out of oomph when it came to food but made up for it when it came to drinks. And decorations. Man, you should see our decorations. We went a little overboard but in a good way. Instead of 'less is more', we believe 'more is more'. I will post pictures if my camera is being good.

I was nearly going to have to miss my own party due to work but another nurse stepped in. I brought her chocolates to say thank you. She was outraged that I might be late to my own birthday party and she offered to stay late and do the closing shift for me. She actually unironically used the phrase "You *will* go to the party" as if she was my own personal fairy godmother.

Also this post may not make sense but I just worked a ten hour shift and closed by myself for the first time. My brain is dead.


Abigail said...

This post is awesome! Will you post pictures from the party? What kind of food/drinks do you have? Also I love the way your mind works-- your own personal fairy godmother!

Also, I know you are in AU and don't have this holiday, but... Happy Thanksgiving from America! I am so thankful that we become bloggie/real friends!!!

Katie said...

It sounds utterly awesome, especially with your belief that more is more... because it certainly is! I hope your camera behaves and you are able to share some photos from your party of awesome.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Haha im glad your not going to miss the party! Sounds like fun!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth