Sunday, 20 November 2011

Last Friday Night

Now that you’re all singing that Katy Perry song, I can tell you what I got up to on Friday. My church held a “Fairtrade Market” where only “fairtrade” products were sold. There were local stalls and international stalls. The international stalls obviously couldn’t have the makers working the stalls, so I volunteered to help run one of the stalls. My stall was ‘Afri Beads’. These were beautiful beaded necklaces and bracelets made from rolled up bits of paper. They were made by The Kind Mothers Project, a group of women in Uganda who make these beads and sell them in order to send children to school and care for them.


I can’t imagine how much work must go into making them. They look fabulous. I spent my entire time working on the stall, trying to pick which necklace I wanted. I still couldn’t work out which one I wanted, so I just picked one at random!

I brought presents too. One for myself, this gorgeous necklace from India. I hardly ever see anything in this bronze colour and it’s so unusual, it caught my eye and I had to have it! It kind of matches my hair colour (just not in this photo!).


And then I brought this t-shirt for my friend Jess for her birthday. I hope she loves it as much as I do! The t-shirt is called Pegapuss, which just makes me giggle. It’s made from a print by a local artist who does some fantastical animals designs, I spent ages on her website! Please go and have a look. I wish I could buy some of her work. I really want this one.



Katie said...

That pegapuss kitten is completely adorable!

Kristy said...

Those necklaces are beautiful! I was just looking on the website and I totally want to buy one of my own. I love a piece of jewellery with a moving story behind it

Abigail said...

I LOVE that tree necklace!
And, uh, yeah... I started singing the Katy Perry song before I read the first line of the post. You win.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

So cool!! So many pretty things!!!

I adore fair trade products...2 Christmases ago, I made it my goal to buy all my gifts from Internation Fair Trade Markets! Got so many cute things!!! :D

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

p.s. totally singing Katy Perry. Aaargh! ;)