Sunday, 13 November 2011

Birthday weekend celebrations

Yes, it’s the birthday weekend and as a result, I went home and stayed with the grandparents. Staying with my grandparents is what I imagine being a celebrity is like- you’re the centre of attention, you've always got to be 'on' and you get asked lots of personal questions, like ‘are you dating anyone?’ and ‘what do you plan to do next with your life?’.

In response to the question “Is there a special chap in your life?” and me saying “no”, my nanna came out with “Aw, so you’ll be an old maid then”. Please note that I turned 26 on my birthday, not 66! Although it ranked slightly better than the time they outright asked me if I was gay simply because I had never brought any boy home to meet them!! I never expected my grandparents to ask me that question!!

Luckily, I managed to escape and helped my friend Kristy chaperone her cousin’s 11th birthday party. So much fun. And I got ice cream and a party bag for my troubles. Awesome!!

And then I went and visited my aunt, who told me that I’d put on weight. Not awesome. She tried to tell me that it looked good on me, but the damage was done.

Despite all that, I do actually love my family. But it was nice to escape back home and hang out with my new family of friends. This family is much less stressful and exhausting! If only I could do Christmas with them!!!

I heard about this article on the radio. Based on statistics, those born in November have a higher chance of being a serial killer and suffering from schizophrenia. I know there's at least one other of my bloggy friends who's a November baby. Although I think April sounds much worse. Do these statistics ring true for you and your career?


lowercase letters said...

wow! what a family! ;) haha. no, i'm kidding, i'm sure you have great times with them and love them very, very much:)
wait a second! i'm an April baby!! ;p

Katie said...

Apparently, I'm destined to be a chief executive. This is helpful news, considering I'm contemplating my next career step as we speak.

Ah, families. Somehow they manage to get away with telling you all of the things you don't want to hear. I hope you had a lovely birthday weekend regardless. :D

Kristy said...

That is it...I'm giving up teaching and becoming a pilot :)

Gentri said...

Where do you find this info. My bday is in June, what is that supposed to mean? haha!

Oh goodness. Your family sounds awesome. :)



Abigail said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I LOVE your comparison of grandparents/being a celebrity. Laughed out loud. SO TRUE.

And I think you're beautiful. And I totally understand about wanting to spend Christmas with a family of friends.

Glad to see you back on blogger-- it sounds silly, but I've really missed you!!!

Danielle said...

I can't believe I didn't keep track of your birthday and be organised enough to wish you a happy day :(. MASSIVE FRIEND FAIL!!!!! Please accept a virtual repentant hug from me and a belated wish for awesomeness and happy times.

Also, I have sometimes wanted to shock my relatives who repeatedly ask me about boys by saying, "I'm not really into... boys" but I know I'd crack up. Looks like I couldn't shock your grandparents even if I tried.

Danielle said...

And based on that article, I'm either destined for bricklaying or becoming the next president of America. Woo!

katy said...

Why are you so surprised when your crazy eyes come out then?

Boy Roomie said...

and christmas here this year is with my crazy family. you can stay, but you might not survive.

Janette said...

Oh my! Can't believe your grandparents say those things.. Gotta love them.. We'll probably ask those same questions to our grand kids..just cause we'll think it's okay to at that

Janette, the Jongleur