Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wednesday with Danielle

Danielle is my vintage blogging friend from back in the Livejournal days. We met once before and had an excellent time and so we knew we had to repeat the venture.

LAST Wednesday (I know, I know, I’m a terrible blogger!), we met up for movies and lunch. Because I am a greedy person obsessed with popcorn, I managed to convince Danielle to come and see an early session so that I could eat popcorn and still have room for lunch. Because Danielle is nice, she agreed.

We were lining up to get our tickets and made some non-committal comments about the Twilight popcorn bucket and related merchandise. The lady in front of us who was honestly about 70 turns round and starts a rambling monologue about how much she loves Twilight and how much her friends who are in their 70s also love Twilight and went to the midnight screening and how this is her second time to see Twilight in a week. Super awkward a) because I’m not really a Twilight fan so I didn’t have much to add to the conversation and b) random lady had interrupted our private conversation to wax lyrical about Twilight.

Random Twilight pensioner went off to see Twilight and we went off to see The Three Musketeers! SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, there is not enough swashbuckling in movies these days. There were airships and awkward romances and double crossing and people outrunning bullets. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As I watched Mr Darcy swordfight his way through a bunch of guards, I thought to myself “*That’s* what was missing from Pride & Prejudice!”. Plus it stars my inappropriate crush Christoph Waltz making an appearance as the polite psychopath Cardinal Richelieu (and then there was sword fighting which just increased my love for him!) Hollywood needs to make more ‘olde worlde’ action adventures that don’t take themselves too seriously. So if any big shot Hollywood producers read this blog, you know what to do.

Afterwards we went and had lunch, in the food court because we are fancy. AND Danielle presented me with a belated birthday present!! How cute is that?! It’s funny how well she knows me: a book and some chocolates- my perfect kind of present!! We met at 10am, saw the movie and then chatted until about 3pm when Danielle had to go and be a grown up and do her assignments! My throat actually hurt from talking way more than I'm used to! Can’t wait til next time :)


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Very very cool! I am uber jealous of Danielle for getting to spend the day with you! AND I am sad that The Three Muskateers isn't in the theatre here anymore :( I wanted to see it a couple weeks ago and there weren't any showtimes for it!! PS - I haven't forgotten about your email. I will respond before November is over. Hopefully :p

Danielle said...

Ha ha ha!!! I am henceforth referring to that lady as "Random Twilight Pensioner"!! I'm honestly laughing out loud just remembering the whole scenario.

I love your write-up of our happy blate!

By the way, I saw Aramis in an ad for another movie the other day. I would never have noticed him had not The Three Musketeers alerted me to the solemn yet handsome regretful priest-turned-musketeer.

Abigail said...

Hahahaha I LOVE your story about the Twilight Pensioner. I'm not a Twilight fan either (in fact, I rather actively dislike it) so I'm glad to hear that you are sane, as well. We can definitely stay friends :). I so want to see The Three Musketeers!!!

Katie said...

You definitely must continue with these meet-ups! I love reading about them. :D