Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Package Pals Party

A little while back, Gentri sent the call out to bloggers who wanted to send a parcel to another blogger and receive one in return. I’m always up for receiving a present in the mail so I signed up. I was paired up with Jenna. Oh sweet Jenna! We instantly became great friends, we have so much in common and she introduced me to my latest obsession, Vampire Diaries. We’re both crazy animal ladies and also have far too many celebrity crushes and share a penchant for YA fantasy. Not only are we now blogging friends but we’re email pals too… when I return her emails anyway :)

I went a little overboard with stuff for Jenna and she went the same way too. I think we were paired together perfectly!! There was a LOT of candy involved.

This is what I sent to her:


CHOCOLATE!! Bird photo holders, “The Princess Bride” (aka the best book in the world), jewellery (I liked those bracelets so much I brought them for myself too!), a magnet about cats being awesome and a snood or cowl, as I have been informed they call them in the States. Although my knee is in the picture, I did not send this in the parcel.

And this is Nilly trying to get in on the action:


It took absolutely AGES for Jenna’s parcel to reach me but it was definitely worth the wait. I think Nilly was just as excited as me to get the parcel.


Look how much chocolate I got!!!


I got a TALKING John Krasinski birthday card, a super cute cat to-do list, a Florida mug and magnet, two books that are MUST reads, bookmark, jewellery. And chocolate. And a photo of Miss Trixie sending greetings all the way from Florida.

Then Nilly got bored. But look at our babies being friends!!!


I know Gentri’s keen to do another one some time next year so definitely get involved! It’s been such fun doing this. Yes I learned about another country, but I got chocolate and made a friend out of the deal too. Sounds pretty good to me.


Katie said...

So much chocolate crossing the world! What a fantastic idea.

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Hahaha, I love the photo of my Trixie and Nilly together. Where Trixie would probably love to be BFF's with Nilly something tells me Nilly may not be so keen on it :p VERY cute PP post. Mine is SO darn long, too long more than likely, but oh well! It'll post in 20 minutes :)

PS - I am going to respond to your email when I get home from work today!

Gentri said...

I love it allllll! You are awesome Laura! You two did SUCH a fabulous job!

lowercase letters said...

great job laura! that jewelery you sent is cute! hooray for chocolate! we love it, yes we do:)

Abigail said...

You two send the best ever packages. And now I have a craving for some chocolate :).

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

HOW COOL! I just told Gentri today that I am so so sad that I missed out on this package pal party....I'll definitely be taking part next time! :)