Sunday, 22 January 2012

I’m back… sort of

The people I am house sitting for are back for one night before they go off again.  The little dog I am sitting for, Buddy, is so cute!  I definitely heart him.  He is a little clingy and anxious which I secretly enjoy because it means he follows me everywhere I go in the house so I feel very loved.

His owner said that he wasn’t really allowed up on the sofa but if he tried to jump up, to pick him up and put him on the sofa as he has a bad back being an old man and all.  Buddy *has* to be everywhere I am… unless he’s in a really deep snooze… or can score a better seat due to the fact that I moved.  One afternoon I was reading on my bed and I went up and when I came back… look who was in my spot!


I haven’t been doing too much recently, just catching up on sleeping, reading and my shows.  My boss has upped my hours.  It’s only every second week that I get my extra hours but it’ll do.  My boss wants to train me up because he thinks I’ll make a good surgical nurse.  That made me super happy!  I love/hate doing surgery.  It’s exciting because it’s life and death but it’s also stressful because it’s life and death.  I look forward to getting some more training in that area, so I end up hating it less.

This is Buddy helping me change the sheets on the bed.  I put the sheets in the wash, came back and Buddy had tucked himself up underneath the doona/comforter/duvet (just translating for everyone!). 


Remember how the first day I was house sitting, it was also my ten hour shift at work?  And remember how I was like “that day is just going to suck”.  Well it did.  And partly it was my fault.  I start off in the morning and all is going fine.  I woke up early to pack but that’s fine.  Anyway, I have to make two trips to load up the car because I have all my stuff to go straight to the house after work.  Well… I made the first trip and loaded up the car and then as soon as I shut the door behind me I realised my mistake.  I had locked my house keys inside the house.  I had also locked my house sitting keys in my house.  As well as my bag with my phone and wallet inside.  I was so annoyed at myself!!  I tried to pick the lock with my bobby pins but it was not as simple as they made it look in the movies and I ruined one of my pins.  So I had to go to work- work all day til 7:00 (and we had two walk-ins at 6:50 which we had to treat!) so didn’t get home until 7:30… had to drive all the way home (which is like ten minutes… so it’s not really a big deal), knock on the door til one of the Roomies answered… pick up my stuff and then drive all the way to the other house (which again, isn’t very far away at all so I shouldn’t complain).  Which meant I didn’t get there til like 8 and the owner had been calling me since 6:30pm wanting to know if the dog was ok and she was really worried because I hadn’t been answering because I didn’t have my phone.  Such a frustrating day!!!!

And goodbye until Monday from me (and Buddy… can you tell I’m obsessed?!)



Katie said...

Ack, that first day sounds absolutely awful! I'm glad you have a lovely doggy companion to make everything better, though. He does look completely adorable.

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Awwww....Buddy is so cute!! I should so be asleep right now but I got caught up in the bloggy world. I'm glad things are going so well with your house sitting job. You're one busy lady! I love that the Tiger's Curse book is there...I get excited seeing the cover of the book even though I have the book in my own house *nerd*!

Thank goodness you have roomies to let you in the house! I would've been so irritated's one of those...I should've just slowed down type thing.

When I first moved into my house I was rushing around and ended up parked in front of the mailboxes (trying to figure out which was mine) and I locked my keys IN my car while it was running!! It's a long story that ended up costing me a crap load of money.

Anywho, glad you're back...even if it's just "sort of". :p

Abigail said...

Super cute picture of you and Buddy at the end! He's absolutely adorable-- I love it when pets follow you around the house :). Also, I'd never heard the word "doona" before and I think I may have to start using it from now on.

Locking keys in the house sucks-- I had a minor version of that when I got to the bus stop, waited for a bus, and when it showed up I realized I'd forgotten my bus pass in my other coat, had to run back to my house to get it, then wait for the bus again. Very frustrating.

Bobby pin picking IS hard, but it can work. Or it can break your pins. I've had both experiences.

I'm glad to see a post here! So glad to see that you're 'back' for a bit!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Its so funny how the dogs find that one warm spot every time..and its always right where you used to be. haha

That's so great your boss thinks you'd be a great surgical nurse. That is so cool! And what a compliment. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes