Monday, 2 January 2012

A Weekend in the Life of Me Part 1

I thought it would be fun to do a day in the life of post and then I got over excited and decided to do the last day of 2011 and the first day of 2012.  It is SCINTILLATING stuff.  But I need to do a post to play catch up, so here it is.


This is a screencap on the first day that I took of Emily’s blog where she’d talked about how to take screenshots of your iphone.  I’d tried to do it and it wasn’t working, so I had to go back to Emily’s blog to read the instructions and see if I was doing it right.  I was, but my iphone had decided to be tempermental.  But it was good enough to take a screenshot anyways.  Waking up at 6:30 on a weekend is not recommended.


I then read whilst in bed for a while.  Had to finish this book before the day is out.  Had to obey the title!


Then I took my two little friends for a walk.  Please note that Tessa likes to take herself for a walk and always has to carry her leash in her mouth.  I always get the weird ones.


Getting artsy for the last day of the year!  Then I dropped Katie off as she’s an old lady and can’t do big walks and then Tessa and I went for a huge walk and I accidentally wore her out, which I had previously thought was impossible.


Then I discovered I had an email from Jenna and I read it and loved it immensely.  We pretty much talked about books and TV shows.  PS Everyone must watch Once Upon A Time (which we are shortening to ‘Time’, FYI)


Then I got dressed and I wore my ‘inside’ skirt because I knew I would be spending 95% of the day inside.  This was one of my favourite skirts.  It is black which means it goes with everything and I used to wear it all the time.  Then one afternoon I noticed a stain on it.  A stain RIGHT on the front (of course!).  At first I thought, I’d dropped chocolate on it.  Then I thought I’d got my period on it (TMI?!) and then I realised what it was.  A bleach stain from when I was cleaning the bathroom.  So this is a PSA… don’t clean your bathroom, it ruins your clothes.


Then I ate breakfast and watched the first of many, many episodes of ‘Happy Endings’.  Please note my fancy new teacup that my mum got me for Christmas.


This day also coincided with a ‘fat day’ in which my brain tells me I am horribly fat and therefore shouldn’t watch what I eat because I’m fat already and then I proceed to eat everything in abundance. 


Remember how sunny and lovely it looked in the earlier photos when I was walking the dogs?  As a result, I assumed it was safe to do some laundry.  It was not.  You can’t really tell from the pictures but it was doing some serious rain.  Also- bonus pictures of my underpants!


I brought everyone inside because they are idiots who like to wander out in the rain.  And also because I was lonely.  And it was time for crafting.


My mum got me a super cute present of a recipe holder book.  And then she gathered all these recipes from my relatives and put them inside.  And she photocopied all these handwritten recipes from my great-grandmas!  Can’t wait to try them out.  I then spent the rest of the afternoon adding all my own recipes to the book.


Then it was off to look after a cat for my second job.  Cutest kitty but she was a bit over being kept inside.  She’s an outside cat and for the last few days, would just sit beside the door and cry to be let out.  For some reason that night I didn't lock the door as I normally did and when I came back from cleaning the litter tray- the door was wide open and Kitty was gone!!!!!  I just about died!!!!  It was the last night of the job as well so I had no time to hope that the kitty would return.  I ran out into the garden and started calling.  I then heard a little miaow from underneath the house and I called to her but I didn’t think she would come now that she had a taste of freedom.  Luckily, she decided not to be a normal cat and actually came when she was called.  I scooped her up and put her back inside.  Crisis averted!!  Then it was back home for countdown to the new year.


I ended up watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which is a bunch of military bands from all over the world performing.  I started watching ironically and then ended up really enjoying it.  Also, there was a bottle of wine involved.  And no glass.  Classy lady that I am.  I told you this was an ugly day for me to document.


This is Tessa reacting to the news that there was a Dutch Bicycle Corps.  She was not as into it as me.  She is resting her head on the top of her bed.  I however thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  Dutch people with giant instruments strapped to their bikes that they then played.


Then luckily afterwards there was a special of Stephen Fry at the Opera House which I watched.  He has such a lovely voice that was lulling me to sleep, although that might have had something to do with the wine.


And this is as far as I got on New Year’s Eve.  I hope everyone had a more exciting one than me!  The next day was slightly more productive and I shall bring that to you asap.


Gentri said...

Loved hearing about your day. :) that pic of your shadow is super cute! So you have an iPhone- but do you have instagram?? Are we instafriends?? We should be, I'd be able to stay in contact w you much easier there. I feel bad for not being as good of a blog friend lately. :( I am however loving the fact that you and Jenna talk still even though package pals is done for the last round. :D makes me feel good that I made at least one lasting connection. :) have a great day Laura!

ladykate63 said...

Great chronicle of your day, and Happy New Year!

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Ahhh! Hey that's me!! Well that was my name anyway. It's almost absurd that I could right THAT long of an email about mostly books and TV. Haha, sorry I responded within 24 hours of your email, you were probably hoping for a break :p
Your wine sans glass was classier than my champagne sans glass haha. Whatever...the bubbles have more of an impact when they come right of the mouth of the bottle.
I can't believe Maya got out! Cats are sneaky little buggers. I'm glad she was a surprisingly obedient feline and came back so easily. She must like you...otherwise she would've given you a run for your money!
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjcvvvvvvv - I'm not deleting that - that was a message from Trixie. I think she wanted to say hi.
I can't believe your laundry got drenched like that. That's mother nature saying it was not the day to do laundry.
Seeing your Boost bar reminded me I finished my Carmello's that you sent me this weekend...those koalas were delicious. I'm going to stop responding now because this is getting excessively's almost like I read your entire post :p

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

YAY! So glad my little tips have helped you. That makes me smile. :)

That's so so sweet your mom did that. My mom, years ago made a book of recipes she thought would be perfect for me and is now writing out all her own recipes so I can have them. Moms are truly the best.

Happy New Year!! :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Abigail said...

Hahaha this is an epic/amazing post.

I, too, am a fan of "Time" though I'm falling very behind in episodes, sadly. I should've caught up over break but I was very busy seeing people.

Love all of the pictures; sometimes a bottle of wine without the glass is just the thing; Stephen Fry makes the world brighter; iPhones are awesome; tea, puppies, and kittens are the most lovely things in the world.

Happy New Year!

Katie said...

Fantastic! You certainly managed to pack a lot into one day, that's for sure. I hope your 2012 is going well and I fully intend to follow your advice on bathroom cleaning.