Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Weekend in the Life of Me Part 2

Here we are, the first day of a brand new year.  And because I am actually doing stuff… I forgot to take pictures for a few things!


This is the time that I woke up.


This is Woof, my little bedtime companion.  He’s pretty cool.  I thought he should make a cameo.  I feel bad for him though, he usually ends up in the gap between my bed and the bedside table so to make it up to him, he gets his own picture on the blog.


Had some tea and did some Bible reading, think it was Galatians.  Good stuff.


Then it was time to drive to my mum’s house, about an hour away.  We were going out for my grandparents’ 57th wedding anniversary.


Look at that!  Isn’t it beautiful?!  Not a bad way to start the year off.  This is the view outside the window of the restaurant.  It was a fancy schmancy restaurant and I felt bad taking photos so I didn’t.


And then my mum took a photo of me and the grandparents.  And then she felt left out so she took a photo of herself.  My mum is the cutest!


Then I had to have a food nap in order to digest all my food.  I am reading a book that Boy Roomie got for me for Christmas.  This is one of my favourite authors and I’m loving the story so far.


Then it was time to head off to meet my friends, Kristy and Meaghan.  And here I was an idiot and totally forgot to take pictures!!  I had such a nice dinner and such fun with my friends and I forgot to document it :(


We went and saw the new Mission Impossible movie and it was so good! Not really a fan of the series but the movie was great.  Very action packed.


Just before the movie started, I can’t remember how it happened but we started talking about Thor and that lead onto the new Avengers movie coming out this year.  Kristy hadn’t seen Thor and I reminded her that she needed to see Captain America too… because it’s awesome.  And just as I said “it’s awesome”, Meaghan was like “it’s terrible”.  So we had a domestic in the cinema about which was better Thor or Captain America.  And then we decided that we couldn’t agree to disagree, this was too much of a serious issue and we decided to no longer be friends.  Because Kristy had seen neither movie, whichever movie she liked the best, that one would be the winner.  She’s now since seen both movies and is staying very politely on the fence.  Me and Meaghan have stopped our quarrel because if Captain America and Thor can team up and be in the Avengers, we can put our differences aside too.

And then I didn’t get to sleep until 5 in the morning.  I have no idea why.  I just couldn’t sleep.  I just lay there listening to podcasts.  Ugh, horrible.  I was a mess the next day.  Hopefully that will be my one sleepless night for the year.  Got that out of the way!


Katie said...

Your mum's myspace photo is awesome.

Abigail said...

Haha I love Woof. Also, your mom is so cute, and so are your grandparents. Your family looks so nice! So sorry about the sleepless night-- those are the WORST. And I love your word of the year. I may adopt it as another word of the year for me: Light and One Hundred Percent. Together that should make a pretty amazing year, right?